Camper Shell vs Tonneau Cover | 8 Crucial Diff.

Are you an adventure seeker always ready to hit the road, and embark on thrilling journeys on your trusty truck? If so, you’ve probably encountered the age-old dilemma of selecting the perfect truck bed cover. Here we bring two best options: the mighty Truck Camper Shell and the sleek Tonneau Cover! Both these options offer … Read more

Valvoline Vs Motul | Battle of Oil

Valvoline and Motul are two renowned brands in the automotive industry, known for producing high-quality engine oils and lubricants. Valvoline, founded in 1866, is an American-based company, while Motul, founded in 1853, is a French-based company. These two companies offer a wide range of products catering to the needs of various engines and vehicles.  When … Read more

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Undercover Armor Flex Problems and Effective Solutions

Ah yes, think of the options that the undercover armor flex cover gives you! After all, you can store your valuable cargo in your truck and not have to worry about them getting damaged, or can you? Undercover armor flex covers are strong and can fold. So, they have been widely marketed as covers that … Read more

Can Oil Stop Leak Damage My Engine?

While it is safe to use, Oil Stop Leak should only be relied upon for minor leaks and is not a permanent solution. It is a good fix for oil leaks caused due to worn-out rubber seals and gaskets and keeps the engine protected for at least 10,000 miles. anyhow, if there is major damage, … Read more

Can You Use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak Twice?

Can You Use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak Twice? Oil leaks are one of those maintenance troubles you can never be truly prepared for. Unlike an engine oil change, there is no way to predict how long you can drive without experiencing an oil leak. It revitalizes the rubber seal and brings it back to … Read more

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Toyota Synthetic Oil vs Mobil 1

Engine oil is one of the hottest subjects of the automobile world. Wondering why? One, there are several options to choose from and too many opinions about what’s best for your car engine. And if it wasn’t just that, there’s also a debate doing rounds on various forums and discussion groups arguing which one of … Read more

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8 Most Common Retrax Bed Cover Problems [2023] & Troubleshooting

Starting a discussion on tonneau covers, there’s no way a Retrax cover won’t be on the list. Being one of the most popular tonneau cover brands, it definitely protects the cargo bed from harsh situations. Although they are made from quite good material and have excellent load capacity, they do throw some tantrums once given … Read more

Roll N Lock vs Retrax Tonneau Cover: All You Need To Know! 

Tonneau covers also referred to as pickup truck bed covers, are extremely useful to keep the bed of a pickup truck protected and secured. We are often mesmerized by the features these covers provide, including ease of installation, security from theft, protection from rain, etc. Of course, not to mention the sleek looks they add … Read more

7 Most Common Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems & Solutions

A tonneau cover is a wonderful add-on for drivers who are up for securing their truck beds. These covers are available in several forms, including roll-up, retractable, hard plastic, etc.  Being a cargo user, you might have definitely come across a Roll N Lock bed cover. After all, avoiding a tonneau cover with so many … Read more