Why Is RockAuto So Cheap? You’d be Surprised!!

As an automobile enthusiast, you must come across the name ‘RockAuto’ sooner or later. Have you ever wondered how this specialized automotive retailer manages to sell quality parts so cheaply? Well, if you are wondering “Why is RockAuto so cheap”, you are not alone! Many DIY mechanics and car lovers wonder how RockAuto sells its products so cheaply.

To give you a brief answer, Rockauto is a genuine retailer that sources its products directly from the manufacturers. In case you are wondering does RockAuto sell fake parts, you need not worry about their authenticity.

In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed the secrets behind the super-cheap products at RockAuto. Besides, we have shared some valuable hacks to enhance your shopping experience at RockAuto.


How Does RockAuto Sell So Cheap?


Low overhead costsAs an eCommerce retailer, RockAuto operates primarily online. This slashes expenses involved in running physical stores. Thus, the automotive part retailer can allocate their resources economically.
Extensive network of suppliersRockAuto purchases its inventory in bulk from a wide network of suppliers. Thus, they can strike cost-effective deals to fix lower selling prices.
No middlemenSince RockAuto sources its merchandise directly from manufacturers and suppliers, they eliminate the intermediaries. This helps them lower their selling prices without compromising profit margins.
Inventory managementRockAuto is strategic with its inventory management, deploying analytics for optimizing inventory. Rather than stocking parts, they source them just as customers place their orders. This eliminates unnecessary expenses stemming from inventory stocking.
Competitive pricing strategyAt RockAuto, the pricing strategy is competitive. Since they offer a variety of auto parts, they can price their products lower while enjoying profitability.
Effective cost managementThe tactical cost management strategies and efficient operations in their business enable RockAuto to price their products low.
Variety of products and brandsRockAuto offers a wide range of vehicle parts, sourcing them from several brands. Thus, customers can choose the ones that fit their preferences and budget.
Deals and discountsFrom time to time, the retailer offers exclusive deals to clear old parts. Also, they provide lucrative discounts on bulk purchases.
Large businessWith an ever-expanding clientele, RockAuto boasts a sizable customer base. This empowers the retailer to place bulk orders to manufacturers. They also have skilled negotiators to strike affordable deals.


Does RockAuto Sell Fake Parts?

No, RockAuto doesn’t sell fake automotive parts. Based in Wisconsin, RockAuto is a registered US company. They are an established online retailer, having launched the family business back in 1999. It was formed by a group of automotive engineers with the intention of making car parts affordable. They are not known to sell fake or counterfeit parts. All the products they deliver online are branded as they directly procure them from manufacturers and warehouses across the US.

Although certain online reviews claimed that RockAuto scammed its customers, it appears that these negative reviews are a result of inadequate customer support. Very few customers had something to complain about, which reflects the overall clean profile of the automotive parts retailer.


Does RockAuto Sell Fake Spark Plugs?

It is highly unlikely that RockAuto would be selling fake spark plugs. Customers and DIY enthusiasts have generally found the spark plugs sold by RockAuto to be genuine. One particular user mentioned purchasing NGK spark plugs from this retailer in 2008 for a Corolla 2006 car. These spark plugs were genuine and lasted from 80,000 km to 200,000 km.

Considering the possibility of receiving counterfeit products while shopping online, you might wonder “Does Rockauto sell fake spark plugs”? However, RockAuto is a reliable source for purchasing auto parts. You can procure affordable spark plugs from this platform without worry.


Does RockAuto Sell Faulty Parts?

No, RockAuto has an almost clean track record for selling good parts for automobiles. Very few customers have complained of receiving faulty parts so far.

However, when it comes to technical components, the quality largely depends on the chosen brands. When you purchase off-brand items at lower prices, the chances of receiving faulty parts are high. You don’t stand this risk when you rely on reputed manufacturers. RockAuto consistently delivers highly functional auto parts, sourcing them from more than 200 warehouses across Canada and the US. So, the chances of receiving faulty parts are very low when you shop at RockAuto.


Where Does RockAuto Get Their Parts?

It’s natural to wonder “Where does Rockauto get their parts”, consideringtheir quality and low prices. Well, this online retailer sources its automotive parts from a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers, and warehouses. Some of the OEMs they work with include Motorcraft and Toyota Genuine Parts.

The company works with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers, established brands, and genuine aftermarket parts manufacturers. They collaborate with both domestic and international manufacturers and distributors to source these parts. This extensive network brings RockAuto the liberty to offer a wider variety of components to its customers.


How Is RockAuto Customer Service?

While RockAuto does sell genuine parts, its customer service could have been better. Customers have expressed their concern with inadequate support both before sale and post-sale. For instance, they often find it challenging to find answers to specific questions regarding alternatives and compatibility.

After purchasing auto parts, customers often struggle to find adequate support from the retailer to address problems like damages, returns, and shipments. Also, many buyers have expressed their frustration with incorrect parts being delivered. The lack of effective communication channels further adds to their woes. Altogether, RockAuto has mixed reviews as far as its customer support is concerned.


Pro Tips and Hacks for Shopping from Rockauto

  • Most of the time, a discount of 5% is available on RockAuto. Look out for the deal on the website and apply before checking out it to save more.
  • Considering that you won’t get much customer support, make sure to research properly regarding the compatibility of parts and alternatives before purchasing.
  • At times, the shipping cost of the products might be expensive despite the retailer pricing the items low. Consider purchasing a similar product if the shipping charge looks too high.
  • Remember, the delivery speed at RockAuto significantly varies. There might be delays in delivery at times, so place your order tactically.
  • Although you can purchase parts at comparatively lower prices at RockAuto, compare them occasionally with deals and discounts on other sites.



Is Rockauto Worth It?

Yes, purchasing auto parts from Rockauto would be definitely worth it. Considering the lower prices of vehicle parts and the legitimacy of the website, the retailers bring you some great avenues to save your bucks.

Does Rockauto Sell Genuine Motorcraft Parts?

Yes, RockAuto sells genuine Motorcraft parts. Motorcraft is the OEM brand for Ford vehicles. Along with other automotive parts, RockAuto offers those from reputable OEM suppliers like Motorcraft.

Is Rock Auto an Authorized Dealer?

Yes, RockAuto is an authorized dealer for many brands including Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. Besides, they serve as an authorized dealer for manufacturers providing aftermarket parts.



RockAuto has evolved as a trusted online retailer selling genuine automobile parts at jaw-dropping prices. It has a legacy extending over a couple of decades. Now that you have got your answer to the pressing question “Why is RockAuto so cheap”, you can confidently proceed to purchase the necessary auto parts