Toyota Synthetic Oil vs Mobil 1

Engine oil is one of the hottest subjects of the automobile world. Wondering why? One, there are several options to choose from and too many opinions about what’s best for your car engine. And if it wasn’t just that, there’s also a debate doing rounds on various forums and discussion groups arguing which one of these is better: Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) or Mobil 1. 

And no, it doesn’t end here, the most interesting fact about this debate is that TGMO is actually manufactured by Exxon-Mobil. So what’s the fuss? Aren’t they the same thing and have the same applications? Just use either of the brands and you should be good to go. 

While manufactured by the same company the TGMO formulation is designed with certain additives to protect the engines of all Toyota models and is the only engine oil recommended for Toyota vehicles.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 offers cost-effective solutions that are equally equipped to protect a wide range of car engines. So how does one pick what’s best for the vehicle? Read on to figure it out!

Before we get down to weighing the pros and cons let’s understand what both brands have to offer and compare them using the below chart:

FeaturesToyota Synthetic OilMobil 1
Viscosity0W-20, 5W-30, and 15W-500W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 1-W-30, and 15W-50
Suitable EnginesGasoline & DieselGasoline & Diesel
Suitable ModelsSpecifically designed for all Toyota ModelsCompatible with modern models
Fuel EconomyAverageGood
Grades AvailableMineral, Semi-Synthetic, and Full SyntheticFull Synthetic
Value for MoneyExcellentStandard


With a 125-year legacy, Exxon Mobil offers a wide range of products and has the bragging rights to be associated with Nascar, whereas Toyota ensures that their product is custom made for Toyota engines, however, both the brands ensure to provide optimum protection for the car engine and secure its longevity. Nevertheless, each product has certain areas that they ace. Here are some of the differences and similarities between Toyota Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1.

Differences in Totoya & Mobil 1 synthetic oil


Viscocity: Mobil 1 has a wider range of oil grades that support different climatic conditions whereas the Toyota Synthetic oil range has a much thinner viscosity allowing it to work best in cold conditions. 

Cost: The Toyota synthetic oil range is comparatively cheaper than Mobil 1

Fuel Economy: With varying degrees of viscosity and resistance to heat, the Mobil 1 range offers a more excellent fuel economy 

Suitable Models: Toyota Synthetic oil is specially designed for Toyota car engines whereas Mobil 1 is compatible with most vehicles

Similarities in Totoya & Mobil 1 synthetic oil


Suitable Engine: Both Toyota and Mobil 1 are compatible with diesel and gasoline engines 

Longevity: Both engine oils provide up to 10000 miles of an extended interval between oil changes.


Pro tip: Synthetic Oil gives the longest life out of the engine, these Synthetic oils are not designed to extend the oil change date but are optimized to protect the engine. When choosing the right engine oil, always look for the oil that will provide the maximum engine protection. 

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Toyota vs Mobil 1 Oil filters

Oil filters are another crucial component involved in ensuring the longevity of your car engine. Oil filters play an essential role in cleaning up the contaminants of your car engine thus limiting its wear and tear. Hence, you must choose the right filter for your engine. Here’s a chart comparing the Toyota and Mobil 1 Oil filters. 

Parameters of ComparisonToyota Oil FilterMobil 1 Oil Filter
Type of Material usedStainless SteelSynthetic Medium
QualityToyota oil filters offer high performance.Mobil 1 also provides a great performance.
How long does it last?6 months / 7500 miles1 year / 10000 miles

The main difference between the two oil filters is longevity and performance, the Toyota Oil filter is a premium-grade stainless steel oil filter that offers higher filtration efficiency.


Who makes Toyota synthetic oil?

It’s interesting to note that the Toyota Motor Genuine Oil is actually manufactured by Exxon-Mobil. While manufactured by the same company the TGMO formulation is designed with certain additives to protect the engines of all Toyota models.


Mobil 1 Vs Royal Purple Vs AMSOIL


Is Mobil 1 good for Toyota?

While Exxon-Mobil claims that the Mobil engine oil has been tested for all Toyota vehicles, however, Toyota specifically recommends the TGMO range of engine oil. 



With almost similar features it comes down to which of these two is the best for your car. When choosing which engine oil is the best your priority should be to identify which oil will provide maximum protection to your car engine and goes well with your usage. Mobil 1 comes highly recommended for all models of car and has a proven track record. However, if you own a Toyota you must consider using oil that has been specifically designed to be compatible with your car.