Can You Use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak Twice?

Can You Use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak Twice?

Can You Use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak Twice

Oil leaks are one of those maintenance troubles you can never be truly prepared for. Unlike an engine oil change, there is no way to predict how long you can drive without experiencing an oil leak. It revitalizes the rubber seal and brings it back to its original condition. The formulation is said to show effects within 100 – 200 miles of drive after use and completes the repair within two days of driving.

And yes! You can use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak twice if the issue persists. This is achieved by ensuring that the product is free of petroleum distillates and has anti-clogging elements, making it safe for multiple uses. 

Oil leaks are commonly caused due to oil pan leaks, worn-out seals, degraded engine gaskets, valve covers, and oil pan drain plugs. Furthermore, it’s not like one of those problems you can deal with later. Other than messy oil leaks, they can cause severe damage to your car’s engine. So we can relate to one’s apprehension to pump up their engine with this product. 

Read further to uncover more information about this fantastic product that can save you the hassle of expensive repairs!


Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak – How does it work?

The primary purpose of engine oil is to ensure that each engine part is well-lubricated and kept cool. Losing engine oil due to oil leaks can cause your engine to overheat and result in severe damage and expensive repairs. The repair cost for such damages generally ranges between $150 to $1200. So what’s the solution?

The Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak is one of the most preferred and inexpensive solutions to stop oil leaks. Compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines, Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak is claimed to fix oil leaks permanently with a money-back guarantee. 


Protip: A blue exhaust smoke or burning odor from the engine bay are the telltale signs of an engine oil leak. Check your engine performance and spot oil leaks whenever you experience such issues. 


How many times can you use Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak?

Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak is safe to use in multiple applications. The formulation is free of petroleum distillates. Petroleum Distillates can destroy rubber seals and gaskets by expanding them. Moreover, the Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak has anti-clogging properties which keep your engine oil clean and smooth and making it safe for multiple treatments.

However, it’s important to measure the amount you pour in each use. Do not pour more than 1 bottle (8 oz) of liquid in each use. This amount is sufficient to treat about 4 – 6 quarts of engine oil. Going overboard can result in blockages in your car engine causing it to overheat.


How long does Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak last?

While the manufacturer BlueDevil Products claims that the product is a permanent fix for Oil leaks, however, along with us, many other customers also have found that one treatment of the Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak for moderate to low oil leaks and lasts up to 5,000 to 10,000 miles


Protip: BlueDevil Products strongly recommends buyers purchase the product only from an authorized seller. Purchases made through unauthorized sellers like eBay will void all guarantees and warranty terms of the product.




Engine oil leaks are concerning and require immediate attention. It could result in further damage and expensive repairs. With its money-back guarantee and quick action formulation, it is a preferred solution to stop oil leaks, however, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to use it twice, you must take a closer look at what is causing the oil leak. If the issue is due to worn-out rubber gaskets then Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak is your go-to solution.