Can Oil Stop Leak Damage My Engine?

While it is safe to use, Oil Stop Leak should only be relied upon for minor leaks and is not a permanent solution. It is a good fix for oil leaks caused due to worn-out rubber seals and gaskets and keeps the engine protected for at least 10,000 miles. anyhow, if there is major damage, Oil Stop Leak may not be a permanent solution and you must consider consulting a mechanic. Read further to know more about the products.


Can Oil Stop Leak damage a car engine?:

The way you use your car and the extent to which you use is not the same for everyone. Over time your car engine is bound to give you trouble and one of the most unpredictable maintenance is an engine oil leak. Oil Stop Leak is a safe remedy for the treatment of oil leaks and does not cause damage to the car engine if used the right way. 

The rubber seals and gaskets in a car engine are bound to get worn out and become loose over time resulting in oil leaks. Oil Stop Leaks are safe, economical, and widely preferred remedies to this problem. 

These engine oil additives rejuvenate worn-out rubber seals and gaskets. Most additives come with anti-clogging properties and enhance the longevity of engine oil. 

However, you must know that oil leaks can also be caused due to damaged or loose-fitting oil pan, uneven or over-tightening of the oil pan, or lose oil filters and in such cases, Oil Stop Leak will be ineffective. 

Before you use Oil Stop Leak, we strongly recommend you – 

  • Evaluate the extent of damage that is causing the oil leak and ensure that the leak is caused due to worn-out rubber seals or gaskets
  • Measure the amount of additive you are adding to your engine oil and do not exceed the advised dosage for each application
  • Monitor oil leaks after each application and consult a mechanic if the issue is not resolved after using it twice
  • Use Oil Stop Leak only when your car engine is experiencing an oil leak. Using the product on rubber seals that do not have a problem can cause them to deform or become too soft to hold up the pressure 


Is Oil Stop Leak bad for diesel engines?

The Oil Stop Leak formulation is compatible with all kinds of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and petroleum motor oils and is safe to use with both diesel and gasoline engines. Just like gasoline engines, Oil Stop Leak can be used to fix minor oil leaks for diesel engines as well.

The additive brings worn-out rubber seals back to shape, size, and softness. Since the formulation is made free of harmful or corrosive solvents and does not react with the engine oil ergo no risk of clogging. 


Pro-tip: The easiest hack to detect an oil leak is to use talcum powder. Just pop the car hood and sprinkle it generously over the engine and undercarriage of your vehicle and drive for a few minutes. Turn off the engine and look for dark liquid around and underneath the engine. Once you know the location of the oil leak you will be able to use the right solution to fix it.


Does Lucas Oil Stop Leak damage the engine?

The Lucas Oil Stop is manufactured by Lucas Additives and Base stocks. The formulation is claimed to be free of harmful solvents and is safe to use with both gasoline and diesel engines. This product renews worn rubber seals without the risk of damage or corrosion. 

The product is compatible with older engines too and is claimed to reduce noise and oil consumption by more than 50%. 


Is Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak bad for the engine?

The Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee and a commonly preferred solution to stop oil leaks. The product is free of petroleum distillates and does not clog the engine keeping it damage free. 

The product is effective in a single application and seals the leaks permanently within 1 to 3 days of use for minor oil leaks. It achieves this by puffing up worn-out seals and bringing them back to shape without causing a side reaction and clogging up the engine. 



Fixing an oil leak can be messy and expensive, however, if you detect the oil leaks early and use the right solution it can save a lot of money. Oil Stop Leaks are a cheap and effective remedy for minor oil leaks. They are free of harmful and corrosive solvents and do not clog the engine keeping it damage free and protected. 

However, “Too much of anything is the beginning of a mess”. To ensure your car engine is damage free, confirm that the damage is minor and caused due to worn rubber seals and gaskets. 

Read the instructions carefully and pour the right amount of additive during each use. Oil Stop Leak takes about three days to completely seal the leaks. Keep monitoring your car engine and reuse the product only when needed.  

Remember, Oil Stop Leak is not a permanent solution for major oil leaks and only works on rubber seals and gaskets. Use it only for minor oil leaks and consult a mechanic for major issues.