Armor All vs Chemical Guys- Which Brand Will Get The Upper Hand?

Gone are the days when having a clean, pristine car was hard on your pockets. As of now, you get a fine-protected glossy finish without needing to spend hundreds of bucks on a car wash!

Yes! With brands like Armor All and Chemical Guy in town, everything is easy lemon-squeezy. Their products are easy to use and have an incredible variety of car wash kits(both external and internal) and detailers. 

Now, if you are swinging between the never-ending argument “Armor All vs Chemical Guys” here’s your way out. In this article, we got you a detailed comparison to help you make a quick decision! 

Armor AllChemical Guys
UV ProtectionMediumHigh
Scratch protectionMediumMedium
Shine effectsHighMedium
AffordabilityMore affordableLess affordable
Country of originUSAUSA
Available on Amazon Available on Amazon


So, let’s get started and choose the brand that fits our needs. 


Ultimate Comparison Between Armor All and Chemical Guys


Some Relevant Differences

Here are some dissimilarities you’ll find between these two brands. Let’s hop right into it! 


Chemical Guys vs Armor All Interior Cleaners

Just like we take care of our car’s exterior, protecting the interior is equally important. 

If we talk about Armor all, it gets one-step cleaning wipes. They are practical and work well on the dash, vinyl, and even fabric. The best part is that it doesn’t dry out or fade your surface! So a big yes for a go-to use. 

But remember, if you are looking for a glossier and long-lasting finish, this may not be the one for you.

For this, Hydro Interior ceramic interior quick detailer is a terrific alternative. It comes in a sprayable bottle and gives a ceramic coating without any extra hassle. 

With Chemical Guy, you’ll get a protected, glossy interior!


UV Protection

Constant exposure to sunlight can dull the paint and fades the surfaces of your car. So, going for a UV-protected product is the only solution.  

When we talk about Armor All, it is efficient and works well with its Clear Coat Technology to prevent UV rays. Though it does the job, it still lacks an extra shield if you live in a warmer area. 

So for long-summer buddies, the Chemical guy has the SIO2 power for such extra protection. With a sprayable ceramic coating, you will get intense defense with extreme shine!



To keep a fresh and shiny vehicle, update your cleaning process multiple times a year. You can’t just use these products and forget the maintenance altogether! 

So if you are using Armor All, repeat the cycle every 4 months. And when asked, how often should you Armor All your car, the answer is 3 to 4 times a year!

So, then, is Chemical Guy a good brand? Yes, if you find it tiring, pick Chemical Guys. As you are good to go for at least 6 months! 


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Armor All products are generally more affordable than other cleaning brands. So, if you are not too fixed on quality, Armor All is a better option. 




Prevent Cracking and Discoloration

Both Armor All and Chemical Guys prevent your surfaces from cracking and discoloration. With their Silica-infused formulas, your car can age with pure grace!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1: Armor All protectant vs detailer- which one is better for the exterior?

Ans: Armor All Original Protectant is a well-loved product with great value for its price. But for Detailer Spray, you might want to choose something stronger and more effective. 

So, in Armor, All protectant vs detailer, protectant wins the race!


Q2: Who are Chemical Guy’s competitors?

Ans: As per price and quality, Orchid Chemical Supplies, Line-X, and Reda Chemicals are the top Chemical Guys competitors.


Q3: What does Armor All do to plastic? 

Ans: With its anti-fading and anti-cracking properties, Armor All wipes make the plastic components(dashboard) clean and shiny.


Q4 Armor All Protectant vs. Detailer

Again, Armor All Protectant is used on different car parts like dashboards, vinyl seats, door panels, consoles, tires, and even bumpers. It helps to protect these parts from ultraviolet (UV) rays, which could damage the appearance of car parts. Unlike Armor All Protectant, Armor All Interior Detailer is used to restore and reveal the natural appearance of car surfaces while making them shine without any residue. The difference is in their individual functions with respect to appearance and protection.


Q5 Who are Chemical Guys’ competitors?

Aside from Armor All, there are competitors who are older than the Chemical guys and have a formidable customer base for keeping up with their brand quality. Each competitor is unique in its car detailing product and formidable with its customer base. Meguiars is a well-established brand in car detailing and is one of the oldest in the industry, providing cleaners, waxes, polishes, and coatings to its customers. Griot’s Garage offers premium quality detailing products. Others include Adam Polishes, Mothers, CarPro, etc.

Q6 How often should you Armor All your car?

Due to the chemicals used in manufacturing Armor All products, care should be taken when using the products so as not to cause cracks on the surface of your car. It is recommended you stick to one brand for some time to give your car the required product quality; with Armor All, it is required you use their product weekly to maintain its shine and quality on your car.

Q7 What does Armor All do to plastic?

Armor All, when used correctly and according to its unique product instructions, is designed to prevent fading, discoloration, and oxidation of the surfaces of your car’s plastic parts. They also protect the surfaces from damage caused by UV light. Armor All Outlast is made to restore extremely faded exterior plastics found in bumpers, side mirrors, vinyl rooftops, and outer door handles in cars.



Armor All and Chemical Guys hold very distinct places in the cleaning industry. So, if you want a high-quality product with intense UV protection, Chemical Guys will go a long way.

And for people looking for a brand offering value for their money, Armor All is “The One”!

So, to answer the above, “Armor All vs Chemical Guys“, I’d say to each its own, it is a win-win situation!