Armor All vs Meguiars – Who Won The Race??

Are you the sort of person who likes to keep your cars spick and span? Are you looking for a car care product and are confused about which brand to trust between Meguiar’s and Armor All?

Which car care product is better- Meguiar’s or Armor All? This article aims at clearing all such doubts that you might have.

Meguiar’s and Armor All are 2 of America’s oldest car care product companies and are known for their complete car care and detailing products. The major difference between the 2 is that Meguiar’s products are not petroleum-based, therefore it results in non-greasy and shiny looks, whereas Armor All products are petroleum-based, so they give greasy and shiny looks.

Being the older company, Meguiar’s commands a greater customer base and it comes out to be a more credible brand. However, Meguiar’s are generally more expensive than Armor All products.

Meguiar’sArmor All
UV ProtectionHighMedium
Scratch protectionMediumMedium
Shine effectsMediumHigh
AffordabilityLess affordableMore affordable
Country of originUSAUSA
Available on Amazon Available on Amazon


Comparison between Meguiar’s and Armor All


Crucial Differences You Can’t Ignore:


UV protection:-

Meguiar’s has developed Hydrophobic polymer technology which provides good UV protection, better corrosion resistance, and water-beading capability which essentially means that water won’t accumulate as easily as it would normally, and therefore results in fewer or no water spots.

This technology also offers protection from oxidation which otherwise hampers the shiny characteristics of the paint.

Armor All boasts of Clear Coat technology which essentially provides UV protection and a shiny appearance to your cars. It also has Ceramic technology that repels all kinds of dirt and water particles making it easy to clean and less prone to water spots.

But it does not provide any protection from oxidation which makes it a notch down on performance as compared to Meguiar’s.



Shine Effects:-

The finishing and shine effects are an essential part of the whole car care products and Meguiar’s and Armor All differ from each other in this aspect. On one hand, Meguiar’s products have a non-greasy finishing touch. These products give an enhanced exterior finish to the car but the glossy effects are moderate.

On the other hand, Armor All gives an overall high gloss finish to the exterior of the car. Its secret formula is known to provide extremely shiny results. Therefore, in this aspect, Armor All has the upper hand.



To keep your vehicles looking fresh and new, you need to use these car care products approximately 3-4 times a year but it also depends on which brand of products you are using.

Generally, Meguiar’s products have a long-lasting finish, and using 3 times a year would suffice in most cases (unless you are living in a high-dust region). However, Armor All products do not last as much as Meguiar’s and you might need to use them 4 times a year to keep your car shiny throughout the year.


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Generally, Armor All products are more affordable than Meguiar’s products. It is true that the lineage of Meguiar’s products is strong but Armor All products are priced less which gives it a larger customer base.





Scratch protection:-

Both offer good scratch protection from their respective scratch-resistant products. Their products form a layer on the paint that prevents it from getting any minor scratches and also heal the existing minor scratches. However, differentiating the 2 brands in this parameter is tricky as both provide an almost equal level of scratch protection.


Products We Recommend


Meguiar’s complete car care kit

Meguiar’s complete car care kit

It is a complete one in all kit that contains all the car care products one could ask for. It includes 12 premium products to clean, shine, and protect your paint, interior, wheels, bumpers, and everything in between


  • Gold class car wash: It easily washes away dirt along with making your car look shinier.
  • Gold class carnauba plus liquid wax: It helps in making your car glossy and protects it from minor scratches and water spots.
  • Endurance tire gel: provides a long-lasting dark glossy finish on the tires along with protection from minor scratches.
  • It also includes Clay Bars and Quick Detailer for removing bonded contaminants, ScratchX 2.0 to remove scratches, Quick Interior Detailer for keeping the interiors clean and protected, PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish to make the plastics of the car clean and protect them from scratches.


  • This kit is a bit expensive as compared to its competitors.
  • The polish is a bit on the rougher side therefore you have to rub it for a longer time.

Available on Amazon


Premier Car care kit by Armor All:

Premier Car care kit by Armor All:

This complete car care kit by Armor All fulfills your requirements for car pampering.

It consists of 8 premium products including exterior and interior cleaners such as car wash pad, Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and wax, tire and wheel cleaner, tire shine, multi-purpose car interior cleaner, Armor All Original Protectant, glass cleaner, and car air freshener spray.


  • Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and wax: This is a 2-in-1 wash and wax product that cleans your car efficiently, provides a glossy finish, and protect your car from minor scratches.
  • Wheel Cleaner helps in cleaning the wheels and tires of the car. Tire Shine provides a glossy finish to the wheels.
  • Multi-purpose car interior cleaner helps in cleaning the interiors of the car easily.
  • Armor All Original Protectant shields your car from minor scratches and keeps your car in brand new condition for a long time.
  • It also includes a Glass Cleaner for cleaning your windshields and an Air freshener to keep bad odors away.


  • Some of the competition provides better car wash and wax.
  • The multi-purpose products are not as good as products that are individual products.



Meguiar’s Carpet and Upholstery cleaner

Meguiar's G191419 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Meguiar’s Carpet and Upholstery cleaner help in keeping your upholstery and carpet in brand new condition by deep cleaning as these interior parts get dirty very quickly.  It dries quickly making it a better overall experience.



  • Odor-eliminating technology that keeps all sorts of unwanted odors away and makes the interior smell nicer.
  • It has an in-built brush that makes it quick and easy to operate. Also, the results are almost instantaneous.



  • If applied for a long time, it can leave white stains on cloth upholstery

Available on Amazon



Some important FAQs


Meguiar’s vs Armor All Interior 

Armor All’s Carpet and Upholstery cleaner has the ability to effectively restore the fabric to its plush luxurious beauty by using oxygen-action to combat stains the product is designed to leave behind a clean linen scent and zero residues. It can be used around the house too and is affordable.

The conclusion is if you prefer a very shiny appearance for your car, Armor All is best for you. On the other hand, if your car has a dark-colored interior and not looking for glossy appearances Meguiar’s will work best. Overall, though a bit costly, Meguiar’s offers better UV protection and a more elegant finish.


Meguiar’s VS Armor All Tire shine 

Meguiar’s Endurance tire gel is probably one of the best tire shine available in the market. Compared to other alternative products, it is far more durable.

Even using this product in the winter, the wet look on the tires is able to withstand the tough environment and weathering. It provides protection against UV rays and browning.

Armor All Extreme Gel is a quite popular tire gel that uses an advanced formula for the best results. The high molecular weight silicone preserves the tires’ finish for multiple weeks and is able to withstand tough environments.

Armor All tire shine provides a great finish and durable protection. It’s slightly more on the expensive side but does include an applicator for easy and even application.


Meguiar’s VS Armor All car wash 

Meguiar’s and Armor All, both provide excellent car shampoos and other detergents such as tire cleaners, etc. These do the job for most people and clean the dirt spots and grime easily. However, both are gentle enough so that the wax does not get washed away.

However, Armor All is a bit more affordable and provides better value for money. Meguiar’s provides long-lasting shine. So, you weigh out your preferences and decide which product fits your requirements.


Can you use Armor All Original Protectant on tires?

Armor All original protectant is best used in the interior of the car and guarantees to bring back shine on your door panels, vinyl seats, consoles, and window trims.

The original protectant provides the much-needed shine and cleanliness on vinyl and plastic surfaces. It is not advisable for usage on tires as it may offer temporary shine maybe for a couple of hours or so. It is best used for restoring shine, enhancing color, and protecting against discoloration and cracking for your interior.


Do detailers use Armor All? 

The myth around the notion is that Armor All uses water-based silicone emulsions but does not use petroleum distillates. Silicones and petroleum distillates can create a shiny surface but over time it will dry out the plastic and rubber which can cause it to crack prematurely.

To be clear Armor All does not contain these and can be used safely. The detailers may not use them heavily themselves and opt for other choices. There are plenty of great products in the detailing world and it’s totally by choice cause your mileage may vary.



Meguiar’s and Armor All have a variety of products that address all kinds of car cleaning and other such matters. Meguiar’s is known for durability, premium finish, and excellent protection against dirt, and UV rays. Armor All provides excellent value for money by giving a superior glossy finish and good protection from the harmful substances that can deteriorate the exterior and interior parts of the car. 

Whether you use Meguiar’s or Armor all, you will be investing in a brand that is trustworthy. You will not be disappointed in any case. There is a saying, “If you will care for your car, your car will also care for you”.