Undercover Armor Flex Problems and Effective Solutions

Ah yes, think of the options that the undercover armor flex cover gives you! After all, you can store your valuable cargo in your truck and not have to worry about them getting damaged, or can you? Undercover armor flex covers are strong and can fold. So, they have been widely marketed as covers that always protect the cargo that people carry, especially during bad weather.

Users love these covers because of the great job that they do in protecting their truck beds and what lies in them. However, that doesn’t mean that these undercover armor flex covers are perfect. Some users have wondered about the validity of the manufacturer’s claim that “what happens undercover stays undercover!

We’re going to explore that claim in this article by presenting you with some issues that users have faced over the years. We’re also going to discuss the reasons that these issues occur and their solutions!

Can’t install the cover over the truck bedRead the instructions carefully, and remember that four hands are better than two when installing the cover
The cover is not waterproofInstall the cover properly and seal any gaps if you find any with drains and hinges
The rails drop downwardRelease the cover from the rails by pulling every cable latch up from under the cover
The prop rod doesn’t always function properlyTake the prop rod off before you install the cover
The directions can be hard to understandTry to read the instructions carefully and do extra research online if and when necessary


Now, let’s examine each issue in more detail!

Common Issues Users Have Faced


1) It’s Almost Impossible to Install the Undercover Armor Flex Over the Truck Bed by Myself!

The Undercover Armor Flex cover wasn’t designed to be installed by one person.

Note, you can’t install the cover all by yourself, so don’t even try to do it! You may find it easier to install the cover faster if you do the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with all of the instructions before you begin the installation job
  • Ask someone else to help you – remember that four hands are better than two for jobs like these
  • Make sure that the cover locks exactly as the instructions say they should. You may find water leaking into your truck bed during bad weather if you don’t!
  • Make sure to fit the cover over the bed properly and tightly screw the screws in place before you lock the cover in place over the bed!
  • Do a test drive of your cover to make sure that it fits properly. There’s nothing more frustrating than having leaking water ruin your LCD plasma TV!

    Pro Tip:  it helps if you clean the edges of the truck bed with rubbing alcohol before sealing the cover with heavy-duty tape!


2) The Cover Leaks when It Rains!

Leakage from The Tailgate Top

Undercover Armor Flex covers are water-resistant and not waterproof


  • The cover is water-resistant and not waterproof. Minimize water damage by doing the following:
  • Install the cover properly and make sure that there are no gaps or overlaps in it. You’ll have rainwater seeping into it if that’s not the case!
  • Place drains and hinge areas in places where they can drain water away from the cover. Also, make sure that hinge areas have tight seals.
  • Make sure your gutters and seams are clean and free from debris. You run the risk of water seeping into your cover and ruining your cargo if that’s not the case!

    Pro tip:  you can use water-resistant seals and drain tubes on the sides of the cover to make the cover waterproof by draining off excess rainwater!


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3) The Rails Drop Down

you may be using your cover too much. That can cause the cover’s clamps to loosen a bit!

Solution:  pull every cable latch from the cover. Doing so will release the cover from its rails!

Pro Tip:  you can latch the cables better if you push the rails up with your hands!


5) The Prop Rod Doesn’t Always Function as It’s Supposed To


the holes in the screws can come out with usage and time. It’s impossible to reattach the screws when that happens.

Solution:  you will have to use bigger screws and some strong glue to the screws and rods to secure the rods in place.

Pro Tip:  use a strong glue like Gorilla glue to secure the screws and rods in place.


4) It Takes a Ph.D. to Understand the Instruction Manual


Reason:  the Chinese made the Instruction manual. Any instruction manual that the Chinese make will be hard to understand since they only include a few hard-to-understand instructions and vague images!

Solution:  go to the manufacturer’s website to find instructions. You can and should go to Google and other search engines to look for solutions and answers when reading the instruction manual.

Pro Tip: Watch many DIY videos on YouTube when installing the Undercover Armor Flex cover!




Does Undercover armor flex leak

It’s not supposed to leak. However, you may want to use water pipe insulation to fix any leaks. You can find the insulation in your hardware store! Use it to seal any gaps in the cover!

How much weight can the Undercover Armor flex hold?

You can put up to 400 pounds of weight underneath it. The advice will only work if the weight is evenly distributed!

How much weight can an Undercover bed cover hold?

Between 80 and 110 pounds.

Is the Undercover Armor Flex Waterproof?

No, the Undercover Armor Flex cover is not waterproof, it’s water-resistant


You Can Enjoy Your Undercover Armor Flex Cover

Now that you understand some common issues with the Undercover Armor Flex cover, why they may occur, and their solutions, you can store as much cargo as your truck bed can accommodate with ease!