7 Most Common Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems & Solutions

A tonneau cover is a wonderful add-on for drivers who are up for securing their truck beds. These covers are available in several forms, including roll-up, retractable, hard plastic, etc. 

Being a cargo user, you might have definitely come across a Roll N Lock bed cover. After all, avoiding a tonneau cover with so many perks is impossible. These covers are easy to install and offer a very flexible design. However, we have got to admit that they are not flawless. 

A roll-n-lock bed cover comes with its own problems, including leakage, cover issues, etc. If you have encountered problems in your Roll N Lock tonneau cover for a while, it’s time to look into their solutions and have them fixed. 

This article will offer the best solution for all your Roll N Lock bed cover problems. Hop on to learn more! 


7 Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems And Their Solution: 

Unlatching Of Cover From The EndsCheck on all the latches. Some latches might be either extremely tight or deteriorating slowly. Fix it or replace it! 
Straps Get Stuck With Stuff Inside The CoverCreate a knot in the strap and have carabiners underneath.
Loading Weight On The CoverLay a rod or other hard object below the cover to provide support and place it on both sides of the body.
Retracting Issues:Lubricate the cargo’s end so that the cover can slide in quite easily. 
LeakageVerify that the front and back of your cargo bed are placed at the same level. Give them a slanting angle to drain the water from the coverings.
Cover Opens Up Every Now And ThenIf there are missing rails or misalignment while setting up replace the rails.
Difficulty In Getting the Right SizeChoose surfaces that can be readily rotated on both sides. 


1) Unlatching Of Cover From The Ends:

Unlatched rail of the cargo cover is another difficulty that many individuals encounter. This is the most serious issue we come across when asked for problems associated with Roll N Lock covers. The problem with this is that you will have a risk of getting your cover completely trapped and disconnecting it.


The issue might persist either with the frame of your cover or the rails.  At times the cover unlatches from the ends when traveling at high speeds or over difficult terrain. The problem can be encountered on any side of the cover. 


The major issue in this process lies in the installation process. If you find the issue to persist, make sure you take it to your dealer and get it fixed. 

Pro Tip: 

If you are about to fix it on your own, make sure you take off the metal cover and check on all the latches. Some latches might be either extremely tight or deteriorated. You can replace your latch with another spare latch. Once you put it back together, everything will fall back into its place.



2) Roll N Lock Bed Cover Won’t Close, Straps That Get Stuck:

Straps That Get Stuck With Stuff Inside The Cover

The Roll N Lock cover comes with a plain strap detached from the back of the truck. The strap generally helps you to open and close the cover smoothly. 


The strap gets caught on something when you pull the cover close. It might as well flap or blow up and down and make noises that can cause a lot of distraction. 


Create a knot in the strap and have carabiners underneath. This prevents the trap from flapping and gives you control over how much you want to open the cover in the first place. 

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3) Loading Weight On The Cover:

Loading Weight On The Cover

Generally, the Roll N Lock covers come with a weight capacity of around 120 pounds. With this weight capacity, there’s nothing much that you can carry. 


Loading things more than the weight capacity can damage the cover. It may lead to complete breakage of the cover, or with them, the frame you have used starts getting into a shape of an arc. 


You can easily solve this problem by supporting your cargo’s bed cover. You can put more load only after laying a rod or other hard object below the cover and placing it on both sides of the body. 

Pro Tip: To make sure it is safe, you must tie the weight using a rope.


4) Retracting Issues, Roll N Lock Bed Cover Won’t Open: 

Retractable covers are super easy to operate. Yet, we do face problems while retracting the cover. The cover gets stuck in such a way that it gets challenging to retract the cover. 


Either there might be rust in the opening mechanism, or simply something might have come in the way of the rails. Whatever the reason, you can easily fix it. 


If the problem started after installation, you should contact your dealer and ask them to fix it. If the problem has occurred after rough usage or in the rainy season, you can remove the rust, and your cover will be back in its form. 

Pro tip: Lubricate the cargo’s end so the cover can slide in easily with little effort. 

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5) Leakage:


While getting a roll N lock bed cover, you might be pretty sure there won’t be any leakage. At Least that’s what the product description will have you believe. The truth is the water gets inside the cover after heavy usage. Both the front as well as the back sides of the cover suffer heavy leakage. 


Generally, you will encounter leakage during stormy weather or heavy rain. Leakage also occurs when you wash your cargo.


Before fitting the cover, always verify the front of your cargo bed and make sure they aren’t placed at the same level on both sides of the bed. You can let the water drain from the coverings by positioning them at a slanting angle. If these components are on the same level, you can add more foam to the truck bed’s front portion.

Pro Tip: 

To avoid such leakage, you can use a tailgate cover seal to enclose the gaps at the bottom and both sides of the tailgate. The tail seal is highly effective at keeping moisture and dust out.

6) Cover Opens Up Every Now And Then:

The purpose of having multiple locks in a roll N lock bed cover is to ensure high-end security. Yet we encounter more or less the same problem with these locks. The lock simply doesn’t stay closed. Sometimes, the cover works fine when you roll it over, but as soon as you are a few miles away, the cover opens Itself. 


Out of a few reasons to list, most of the time, it is the faulty locking system. Moreover, if you are a rough driver or aren’t careful while using your bed cover, it can lead to damage to the lock system.


If you have encountered the problem once or twice, it’s better to pay attention to the problem. You should check whether the end cover is defective or not. You need to replace the rails if there are missing rails or misalignments while setting up your cover. 

Pro tip: 

Often the latches or locks cause the problem. Simply changing these will get you rid of the problem. 

7) Getting the Right Size:

There’s no way one can blame the manufacturers of Roll N Lock tonneau covers for a perfect size. It’s your job to find the right fit for your truck. 


Roll N Lock bed covers come in a variety of sizes. The difficulty is that choosing the ideal size is time-consuming, and often we miss out on the basics. 

Pro Tip: 

There is a solution to the Roll N Lock bed cover dilemma. Choose surfaces that can be readily rotated on both sides. This will facilitate the ease to access while rolling it out.


Care And Maintenance Of Roll-N-Lock Cover: 

The thing is, people often assume that Rock N Roll covers are quite tough. However, that’s not the case. One has to maintain the cover to enhance its performance. Here are a few ways you should take care of your cargo bed covers. 


  1. Wash The Cover:

While washing your car, do not leave the bed cover alone. Make sure you give it a wash at least once a week, if not more. 

  1. Lubricate It:

The Roll N Lock covers are retractable, meaning you can simply take off the cover and access the bed. To make the cover work smoothly, you must grease the cover once a week. 

  1. Check For the Presence Of clutter.

When you drive your cargo frequently, debris gets stuck inside the tonneau cover. To avoid damage to your cover, you can simply keep a check on the clusters every now and then. 

  1. Applying a protectant is a must! 

Taking extra measures to protect your tonneau cover can save dollars. For instance, a tonneau cover might get damaged when the heat is too much to handle. To avoid such mishappenings, you can simply cover it with a protectant. 


Important F.A.Qs


Is Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover WaterProof?

Generally, tonneau covers are water resistant. However, they are not completely waterproof. If you want a waterproof Roll N Lock cover, check out the details before making a purchase. If you already have one which is water resistant but not waterproof, keep only dry items on the top. 


How Much Weight Can A Roll N Lock Cover Hold? 

The maximum weight capacity of a Roll N Lock tonneau cover is 120 pounds. 


What Is The Major Difference Between Roll N Lock A and M Series? 

The Roll N Lock A and M series are almost similar. There is only one difference between the two. The M series covers vinyl over aluminum. The A series Roll N Lock cover is coated only with aluminum. 



By having a thorough read of the article you will have complete knowledge of the primary difficulties and solutions associated with a Roll N Lock cover. These bed coverings have got more merits than demerits and for the demerits, you already have solutions in hand! You can easily overcome these Roll N Lock cover bed problems by following the solutions mentioned in this article.