How To Keep Tonneau Cover From Freezing

Tolerating the biting cold is bad enough, but you know what’s even more annoying about the winter season? It’s the part where we have to deal with the frozen tonneau cover and tailgate of the truck.

No wonder motorists search for answers to questions like how to keep tonneau cover from freezing? Even though the internet will show a variety of solutions, be aware that not all of them would-be authentic.

That’s why we have gathered all the possible queries and experts’ suggestions on do’s and don’ts in case your truck’s tailgate and tonneau cover get frozen.


How To Stop Tonneau Cover From Freezing To The Tailgate?

When the truck tailgate freezes to tonneau cover, the motorists mostly blame the rubber seals that cover the edges. Therefore, to prevent this scenario, you should thoroughly inspect these rubber seals.

In case they are worn out or torn, replace them with a new one before the winter arrives. Even if they are in stable condition, spray a good-quality silicone lubricant all over the seals to stop the snow from sneaking in.


What Are The Tips To Loosen The F150 Tonneau Cover Freezing Latch?

You can start by giving 2-3 hard pushes to the cover from above. This may break free the snow that has collected on the latches inside.

Then, simply blow-dry the latches to warm up the area around them on both sides. Lastly, just wipe the latches with a mix of liquid dish soap and rubbing alcohol, which is widely used to melt ice.

This whole process will unlock the frozen latches in no time.


How To Open The Bakflip Freezing Tonneau Cover?

To open the Bakflip freezing tonneau cover, you have to first clean up the snow. Then use turtle wax or white lithium grease on the hinges and sides of the cover.

This will smoothen out the hard edges of the cover caused by the extremely low temperature, and you’ll be able to open the cover. Added to this, the use of premium undercoatings like Fluid Film and Krown is also recommended for opening a freezing tonneau cover.


What Not To Do With The Silverado Tailgate Frozen Shut? 

Many people use warm water on the frozen tailgate. But we strictly advise against it.

The use of hot water can do more harm than good. First, it can damage the metal and the paint.

Also, if the temperature is extremely low, it would take less than a minute for the water to cool down and transform into ice. This way, you’ll deposit more ice on the tailgate.

Secondly, do not use things like a screwdriver to open the frozen tailgate because you’ll end up with severe scratches and a broken lock. Instead, use a plastic sharpie or an ice-scraper.


Which Is the Best Tonneau Cover for Snow And Ice?

RetraxOne MX is the best tonneau cover for winters. Its polycarbonate frame can withstand heavy snow loads.

Also, the rail track is capable of performing smoothly even under low temperatures. It is specifically tested in the cold weather of North Dakota which makes it a reliable tonneau cover.

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Hopefully, with the help of the solutions and suggestions offered in this article, you won’t face any trouble related to the tonneau cover and tailgate freezing this winter season.