Best Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500 And Ram 2500

Pick-up trucks are the most versatile vehicles. They fulfill both comfort and economical purpose.

For this reason, people are buying standard pickup trucks like Ram 1500 and Ram 2500. However, such upmarket trucks would require a premium quality tonneau cover to shield their exposed cargo bed from poor environmental conditions and theft.

But with the endless number of brands, styles, materials, types, etc, choosing the best tonneau cover for Ram 1500 and the best tonneau cover for Ram 2500 can be a mind-numbing affair.

Hence, we have selected the 5 best tonneau covers that would be compatible not only with Ram 1500 and 2500 but with Ram 1500 with a Rambox too. While selecting them, we have kept many important factors like weather conditions, ease of use, and security in our mind which would help you to determine the most suitable tonneau cover for any of the trucks mentioned above.

Additionally, to simplify your exploration, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to tonneau covers. So let us begin.


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1. Best Hard Folding Cover For Ram 1500

BAKflip is unbeatable when it comes to manufacturing chart-topping tonneau covers. BAKFlip MX4 is considered to be the best tonneau cover for Ram 1500 for many reasons.

With MX4, BAKflip became the first brand to introduce the matte finishing on a tonneau cover. Needless to say, if you don’t like anything flashy, the subtle matte finishing of MX4 will grab your interest.

We love this all-aluminum cover as it is immune to severe scratches and external impact. Also, if you live in a city with high temperatures, you will love its premium UV resistance feature.

Moreover, with flexible prop rods, you can hold the cover in an upright position to gain complete access to your truck. Surprisingly, we were able to drive around not just in this position but also in a half-folded position.

Many people believe that the installation process of hard folding covers is complicated, which is a misconception. We completed the drill-free installation in less than 40 minutes.

BAKflip has also made all the necessary arrangements to make MX4 a waterproof tonneau cover for Ram 1500. From integrated channels in both tracks, to drain hoses, to EDMP rubber seals, everything is implemented in the cover to ensure a watertight operation.

Another noteworthy feature of MX4 is its Dual-Action tailgate seal, which means you can now open and close your tailgate even if the cover is sealed. To call it a plus point is up for debate. Though some users have found it beneficial because of the ease of use, some have found it risky as it can compromise security.

Unfortunately, we have faced issues regarding defective and missing hardware from the package, which is least expected from such a high-end brand. That being said, the brand offers good customer care service and a 5-year warranty on the product, thus, such problems can be solved easily.

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2. Best Hard Fold Tonneau Cover For Ram 2500

Next, we have the Tonneau Pro Hard Fold tonneau cover. It is an all-rounder cover that has proved itself to be the best tonneau cover for Ram 2500 with its praise-worthy features.

Instead of applying an all-aluminum material in this hard folding cover panel, Tonneau Pro has incorporated a marine-grade vinyl sheet on the exterior. We are impressed with their smart attempt to outdo their competition in the hard folding category.

What’s also amazing is that it’s not the regular vinyl but 24.5-ounce double-coated vinyl. This implies the cover is resistant to any scratches and cracks.

Rather than hook-n-loop, the vinyl is terylene stitched, which gives extra waterproofing. Also, vinyl itself is known to perform extraordinarily against heavy rain.

Likewise, the 6063 aluminum panels are also heavy-duty & can handle harsh impact without a hitch. Another thing that you should not miss is the black polyurethane powder coating on the whole frame which makes this cover highly rust and erosion resistant.

Another worth mentioning feature is the easy-as-pie installation process which is rare to be seen in hardcovers. Though it’s a hard tri-fold cover, the installation process is similar to that of a soft tri-fold cover. The lightweight cover will probably take 20 mins to secure on the bed.

Coming to its downside, unlike other hard folding covers on the market, this cover doesn’t give full-bed access. Instead, it will provide only 2/3 bed space. It would be a problem if you need to haul large and additional items.

Furthermore, some users have disliked the cheap quality plastic used in EZ-clamps. The EZ-clamps are situated on both sides and are used to open the cover.

In our opinion, it’s a major drawback as nobody wants to struggle with the cheap plastic in a high-priced hardcover. If you also face the same problem, you can either replace the plastic clamps with the steel ones available on the market or you can add epoxy to compress them.

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3. Best Retractable Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500-

Not all tonneau covers work well with a truck that has a rambox included. That’s why Roll-N-Lock M-Series retractable cover is perfectly suitable for your Ram 1500 with Rambox as it doesn’t overlap or hinder the functioning of the rambox.

Also, we have noticed that people feel hesitant to buy a retractable tonneau cover even though they love the strength and the convenience that comes with it. The reason behind this is the wide canister which occupies a lot of space in their truck bed.

So for them too, this retractable cover would be an accurate choice as Roll-N-Lock claims that the canister of their M-Series cover is the most compact one out there.

Another peculiar trait that left us in awe is that added to the rigid aluminum, the cover utilizes heavy-grade vinyl on top of the cover. The medley of both these premium materials offers astronomical safety for your cargo.

Added to this, it also has a unique torsion spring drive and a licensed hinge system with the help of which the functioning of the cover will be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

What’s also nice about this cover is the ratchet locking mechanism that will enable you to lock the cover in four different spots of your choice. Not only this, you can now open and close the cover even if the tailgate is shut.

The installation can be a bit complex and time-consuming with several aluminum slats and a dense canister, yet we can assure you that the result would be worth it.

Moreover, not only does the aluminum provide hefty security against any harsh impact, the vinyl extends utmost watertight coverage to your truck bed. Apart from this, it has a weatherproof seal, drainage technique with drain tubes to ensure there is no waterlogging inside the cover.

Related to this, let us notify you about some of its shortcomings. The drain tubes, in our opinion, are quite narrow. So they may get clogged easily during rainfall.

Also, some users have noticed corrosion in the aluminum slats after some time. But these are minor issues in front of its innumerable advantages.

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4. Best Hard Rolling Cover For Ram 1500-

Making our way towards another remarkable cover, we have a BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Cover for those who want the easy accessibility of a soft cover and the rigidity of a hardcover. Let us elaborate on this statement.

To begin with, the credit goes to the dual materials wielded on both the upper and the lower surfaces of the cover. The premium quality aluminum rolling panel is camouflaged with cross-grained vinyl surpassing the solidity of other competitors’ tonneau covers out there. Added to this, the cover is a hard nut to crack with X2’s personalized locking rails.

We love that this rigid cover can handle ample load on top too. Though it can’t beat the weightless rolling mechanism of a soft rolling cover, it is smooth enough to operate. For added comfort, it has latching cables to release the cover on both sides.

Another appreciative feature is the full-bed access once the cover is rolled up. You can also drive in its rolled-up position easily.

Apart from the above, we found the cover inadequate under extreme weather conditions. The reason behind this could be the aluminum rolls getting jammed under freezing weather.

Also, the vinyl on top has a high chance of melting under high humidity. So anyone living in a region with severe hot and cold temperatures should skip this cover.

Moreover, we also feel that the cover has fitment issues. While installing, you may see the cover bending down towards the tailgate, which in turn, won’t let the tailgate shut completely.

Pro-tip- Add aluminum shims along the edge of the tailgate which will lift the cover slightly giving the tailgate space to get the proper fit.

Summing up, we can say that this cover can provide the best of all possible worlds but only to those who live under moderate climatic conditions.

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5. Best Soft-Folding Cover for Ram 2500-

Tyger T3 Tri-Fold cover may fulfill the expectations of those truck owners, who don’t always like to cover their truck bed and only use the cover while carrying the cargo from one place to another. The removal of the cover is as easy as its installation; therefore, whenever you want your truck bed free from the coverage, simply remove the cover without any hassle.

The soft tri-fold cover is fabricated from marine-grade vinyl which we find agreeable. Vinyl is known to be one of the best fabrics used in soft tonneau covers to impede water.

The slick texture of Tyger T3 is not only soft to touch but also a breeze to maintain. Also, this soft fabric makes it almost weightless to move around.

Sadly, as every rose has its thorn, vinyl is no different. The lightweight vinyl used in T3 makes it easy prey for even a novice thief. Also, many users have grumbled that it makes a flapping sound while driving on the highway.

Pro-tip– To avoid the flapping noise of the cover, you can add mounting brackets in the front and in the middle of the cover to tighten it even more.

Furthermore, we are also impressed by the fact that, other than vinyl, Tyger has also wielded an aluminum frame in the cover to give it a strong base. And the horizontal bars and stainless steel clamps holding the cover speak for its durability.

At the end of this review, we are going to point out another falling point. With this cover, you won’t be able to gain full access to your truck bed. Only two-thirds of the truck bed area will be available to load your cargo. So don’t buy it if you require full bed access.

Also, the cover can be folded with the snaps attached to it. But remember, it is advised by the company not to drive it in a folded position as the strong wind can loosen the cover and cause accidents.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Before ending this article, we would like to answer a few frequently asked questions for you.


  • How many types of locking mechanisms do the tonneau covers have?

Different tonneau covers have different locking mechanisms. There are mainly seven types of locking mechanism. Their names are as follows: Pull-Cable Release, Latch Clamp, Rotary Latch, Spring Loaded Speed Clamp, Trigger Latch, Key Lock, and Electromagnetic Brakes.

  • Automatic Car Wash or Manual Car Wash? Which one is best suitable for tonneau covers?

Most tonneau cover manufacturing brands have given a green signal to the automatic touchless car wash. But if you want to increase the longevity of your tonneau cover, then you should choose a manual car wash.

The spinning brushes, dryer fans, and heavy pressure of water in an automatic car wash can do severe damage to your cover. On the other hand, in a manual car wash, you can choose to use minimal water pressure and avoid harmful detergents and chemical-based cleaners too.

Though mostly all types of hard tonneau covers can handle a certain amount of weight on top. But aluminum is known to be the sturdiest material used in a tonneau cover. Therefore, tonneau covers made of heavy-duty aluminum can handle the maximum weight but only if it’s evenly distributed.

  • Are the tonneau covers easily removable?

No. Not all tonneau covers are easy to remove. Only soft covers, especially soft folding covers, are simple to remove because of their lightweight material. Also, you don’t have to deal with rails, bolts, etc while withdrawing the soft covers.



You must secure your truck bed with a perfect tonneau cover that will let you breathe easily. Always select the type first because each type has its plus and minus points.

A lot would depend on the size of your truck, the weather condition of the place you live in, and how much you use it. Then, decide which brand you want to go with.

In our article, we have tried to include the best tonneau cover for Ram 1500 and 2500 from the most popular brands. Our aim was to bring out both the good and bad of each product we have mentioned in the above list. Hopefully, our efforts would help you in your exploration and let you choose one that is best for you.