Bakflip Tonneau Cover Leaking? We Got The Solution

Issues like the Bakflip tonneau cover leaking have been a hot topic of discussion amongst automotive enthusiasts and their customers. This has led to a lot of confusion and unanswered questions.

So here in this article, we are going to give you clear-cut answers to some of the most talked-about questions circulating the internet about various Bakflip tonneau covers leaking. Let’s begin


Does a Bakflip Really Leaks a Lot?

No. Bakflip covers like F1, Fibermax are some of the covers that hardly cause any leakage. However, some Bakflip covers like Bakflip G2 can leak heavily.

But even in the case of G2, the main causes of leakage could be a defective piece or faulty installation. This implies that not all Bakflip covers leak a lot.


How To Stop Bakflip From Leaking?

One of the most effective and affordable solutions to stop the Bakflip tonneau cover leaking is to add an extra weather stripping seal. You have to use it to cover the edges. This will add an extra layer of protection to prevent the water from dripping down the truck bed.

If this doesn’t help, you might have the leakage because of some cracks or holes in the cover.  You can fix this by using silicone or vinyl foam tape.

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Lastly, if the leakage is due to improper installation, first you should check that both side rails and drain pipes are appropriately positioned. Also, make sure the rubber seals near the tailgate are properly sealed. Use the dryer right after the installation or leave it in the sun to dry it out completely to avoid any gaps.

Drain Pipe



Does Bakflip MX4 leak?

Yes, it does leak. The Bakflip MX4 tonneau cover leaking mostly occurs near the end of the cab where the cover meets the tailgate. It happens when the cover is not flush-fitted and the overlap creates a gap.


Does Bakflip G2 leak?

Unfortunately, yes. Whether it’s minimal or heavy, the Bakflip G2 tonneau cover leaking has been a huge issue for its users. In fact, it is the least water-resistant cover by Bakflip.


Which Bakflip Cover is The Best?

The Bakflip F1 hard-folding tonneau cover is the best cover by this brand. It is a part of the Bakflip FiberMax FRP series with unbeatable advanced features.


Does Tonneau Cover Really Worth It?

Yes, they are worth it. There is nothing better than a tonneau cover that can protect your truck bed against heavy impact, thieves, natural calamities, etc.

It ensures the longevity of your truck bed. On top of it all, it adds aesthetic appeal to your truck too.


How To Know If Your Tonneau Cover Is Properly Sealed?

To check whether or not your cover is properly sealed, you can spray it with a garden hose for 5–10 min in an upward motion. This way, if there is any gap between the edges, water will leak and you’ll locate the spot from where the cover isn’t sealed.


Best Water-Resistant Bakflip Tonneau Cover-

Bakflip F1 hard folding tonneau cover is built to give you the most water-tight performance. We’ll start with its flush-fit design, which doesn’t allow any access to the water to enter.

Also, there is an aluminium canal located in the hinges of the cover that is connected to the side rails. These canals collect the water that drips inside and doesn’t let it reach the truck bed.

The collected water then trickles down the side rails and gets flushed out of the drain tubes. Not only this, we love the waterproof EDMP rubber seals securing the edges.

Moving on to its most significant feature, which is the Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) material of this cover. It is one step ahead of the aluminium fabric used in other Bakflip covers when it comes to resisting water. Mainly because FRP doesn’t soak the water but repels it.

Additionally, the FRP material can withstand even the most harsh impact without any difficulty. Furthermore, with the Bakflip F1 tonneau cover, you’ll get full access to your truck in an upward position.

Even though the F1 hard folding cover is extremely watertight, it is not waterproof. The rubber seal may shrink with time, causing leakage.

The thickness of the drain pipes is both a plus and a minus point. Although it implies its good quality, the installation could be a little difficult because of it.

All in all, despite its slight shortcomings, it is undoubtedly a great water-resistant tonneau cover.


  • A high-quality fibreglass fabric on top of the cover.
  • Effective drain canal system.


  • The aluminium hinges are prone to rust.
  • Tricky installation process.

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Bakflip itself states that no tonneau cover is 100% waterproof. But some of them are surely watertight, to say the least.

In fact, the amount of leakage you’ll get in your truck bed depends on how well the installation process has been done. Needless to say, you have to be very precise while doing so.

Also, keep the type of cover and the material of cover in mind before you buy one, as they can make a huge difference.