Roll N Lock vs Retrax Tonneau Cover: All You Need To Know! 

Tonneau covers also referred to as pickup truck bed covers, are extremely useful to keep the bed of a pickup truck protected and secured. We are often mesmerized by the features these covers provide, including ease of installation, security from theft, protection from rain, etc. Of course, not to mention the sleek looks they add to your cargo!

Of the different brands of cargo covers, two of the prominent key players in the field are Roll N Lock and Retrax bed covers. Since these covers have got such high demand, cargo owners often fight over which one is better. While Retrax covers have the better capacity, nothing can beat a Roll N Lock cover regarding the ease of installation. 

The question is, who wins the tug of war between these two types of tonneau cover? Let’s uncover the same through this article!


Why Compare?

Although both types of tonneau covers served best the purpose they suit, a cargo owner must have a keen understanding of both of them. By understanding the difference and similarities between the covers, one can make the right purchase decision. In short, the ins and outs of both the covers are must-know for truck owners. 


Difference Between Roll N Lock And Retrax Bed Cover:

Now, that you know what these two tonneau covers are let’s take you through the most common difference we found between the two tonneau covers. 

FeaturesRetrax Bed CoverRoll N Lock Bed Cover
Ease of installationguidance is requiredSuper easy to install.
Lock SystemLatched in any orientation. Locked in four positions.
Material UsedConstructed of matte black aluminumMade from vinyl-over-aluminum.
Cover CapacityCan hold up to 500 pounds of weight.A cover capacity of 350 pounds.
Panel FinishingMatte black finish on the panel. Vinyl finish to the panel. 
Leak ResistanceNo extra features for protection.Sealed with foam for protection.
External AdversityGood for weather protection but lacks extra features.Great protection against weather adversity and is scratch-resistant.

Want to have a detailed overview of the difference? Here it is! 


Ease of installation:

Spilling the tea for this one. No match for Roll N Lock Cover! 

In order to install a Retax tonneau cover, you will definitely need extra helping hands. Especially when it comes to the alignment of sidebars. 

On the other hand, Roll N Lock covers are super easy to install. The clamp-on-track feature of these covers ensures the installation process is smooth and less time-consuming. A look a the manual guide is enough! 


Lock System:

Retrax coverings can be latched in any orientation. With the all-position key locking feature, one may transport cargo while leaving the tailgate open while conveniently covering the truck bed. Furthermore, a lid covers the latch, making any potential risk impossible.

A ratchet system latch allows the Roll-N-Lock cavers to be locked in four positions. The latch is secured with the tailgate and provides additional security with the aluminum undercarriage.


Material Used:

The Retrax tonneau cover is constructed of matte black aluminum, providing a glossy appearance and making it a sturdy material. 

Whereas the Roll N Lock tonneau cover is made vinyl-over-aluminum, which ensures durability and also possesses a smooth appearance. 


Cover Capacity:

Retrax bed covers are built with the Trax rail system. The system offers utmost support to the cargo, letting owners put on weight. Moreover, most of the Retrax covers come with a canister. The canister helps in giving an angled structure to the bottom part of the cover. A Retrax cover can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. 

On the other hand, the truck cover model has an aerodynamic housing lid that is great for creating extra space on the truck bed. To maximize cargo space, the Roll N Lock cover has the most compacted canister. Yet the capacity of Roll N Lock covers is lower than the Retrax cover. It has a cover capacity of 350 pounds. 

Obviously, Retrax covers definitely get points for this one! 


Panel finish:

The tonneau panel ensures the cover’s attachment to the latch. The Retrax covers have a matte black finish to the panel, whereas the Roll N Lock covers have a vinyl finish on the panel. 

The vinyl finish provides extra protection against weather aberrations, whereas the matte black finish of the Retrax covers tends to wear down with age due to exposure to adverse conditions. 


Leak Resistance:

The Retrax cover is designed in such a way that it includes two drain tubes which are helpful in removing any water from the canister. Moreover, the design is sealed with foam in order to protect the interior from dust and moisture.   

Whereas Roll N Lock does not include any extra sophisticated features, the cover is made from aluminum and is strong enough to withstand any weather adversity. 


External Adversity:

The Retrax tonneau cover provides great protection against weather adversity, and also the material is scratch-resistant matte black finish. 

Whereas the Roll N Lock tonneau cover is vinyl-aluminum and is considered a savior of weather protection, but lacks any extra features to protect the truck from external adversity. 


Similarities Between Roll N Lock And Retrax Bed Cover: 

Even though clear differences exist between the rock-n-Roll and Retrax tonneau over, there also exist some similarities. Some of which are:

  1. Both Rock-n-Roll and Retrax have maximized cargo space, whereas Retrax consists of a T-slot rail on the top of the truck bed cover, making it feasible for the user to mount accesses on top, thereby exceeding the cargo capacity. Roll N Lock consists of a compressed canister that fits only seven A-1/4 deep spaces and has an aerodynamic design that improves the truck space.  
  2. Both Retrax and rock-n-roll are made of aluminum core material, which enhances durability and rigidity. 
  3. These two-tonneau truck bed covers ensure maximum security to cargo and commodities, even though they have some distinction in their functionality. 


Important Comparison: 


Roll n Lock vs. Retrax Pro Which One Is Better? 

Weighing about 95 pounds and made of vinyl aluminum material, Rock-n-Roll stands out compared to the Retrax pro, which weighs about 90 pounds with an aluminum material build. 

Even though Retrax has made some serious upgrades in their functionalities and the service they offer to their customers, Roll N lock stands in class as they have been prominent with their presence, providing top-quality tonneau covers. 

Apart from the sophisticated functionalities of the Retrax pro tonneau covers, Roll N Lock provides a very affordable range of quality covers. 

Therefore, it is completely dependent on the user based on their requirement of facilities and sophistication, which determines the truck cover they will employ for their truck bed.


Roll n Lock vs. Retrax Pro MX: Which One Is Better?

The Retrax has two locking points, but with the Roll N Lock covers, you will have four lock points, which means RNL is definitely secure. However, talking about the canister, the one of Roll N Lock is smaller than that of Retrax Pro Max. Moreover, most of the Roll N Lock products come with a warranty of three years, while Retrax Pro Max comes with a lifetime warranty. The call is yours! 




Is Gatortrax the same as Retrax?

Often there exists confusion between Gatortrax and Retrax covers. Although they often seem similar, there are a few noteworthy differences between them. 

Gator Trax products are manufactured using sturdy polycarbonate slats with a matte finish. This gives the bed cover a glossy and smooth black finish. 

On the other hand, Retrax bed covers are prepared from industrial-strength aluminum. Hence it has more load capacity, around 500 pounds and above. As a matter of fact, they are even more scratch resistance. 


Where is Roll n Lock made?

Roll-N-Lock covers are made by Roll-N-Lock Corporation, a privately held manufacturing company. Roll-N-Lock Corporation has long been the market leader in retractable tonneau cover technology, producing nearly all product breakthroughs in this sector.

Roll-N-Lock Corporation has long been the market leader in retractable tonneau cover technology, producing nearly all product breakthroughs in this sector. Products made at Roll-N-Lock’s Beach, FL, business is now shipped to over 50 nations worldwide.


Is It A Win-Win? 

Now that we have shown you the differences and similarities of both, you might be wondering which got the highest points. Well, it is a tie. 

The Roll N Lock cover is a good option for users who are looking for a retractable truck bed cover in a more affordable range but do not need much of any sophisticated features. It is made of heavy-duty vinyl, which promises to provide durability and protection, but not much sophistication, such as a locking system in the truck bed cover.  

Whereas the Retrax truck bed cover is made of heavy-duty aluminum, which tends to increase its price. The cover offers several features of which the two most unique are the locking system to prevent unauthorized access to the back storage and the low-profile design that allows the truck bed to be used for storage.

However, it is impossible to advise customers on what truck cover they should prefer for their trucks as every individual has their unique taste and the requirement depends on different factors. One must consider the frequency at which they are driving the truck, places they are visiting, their budget, and tons of other aspects before making a decision.