Tonneau Cover Leaking at Bulkhead? Here is the Solution

You are out and about on a sunny day, ready to explore all that the world offers you while you’re on the road, but suddenly, the clouds seem to cast a gloom you’re your head and it starts raining! No worries, you think, because you’ve got a tonneau cover to protect your belongings, right? Well, not if your tonneau cover starts leaking at the bulkhead.

The inconvenience of a tonneau cover leaking during times of enjoyment can turn your cheerful plans into a soggy and disappointing mess. And, in this fast-paced world, where there is barely any time to slow down and take a break, a leaking tonneau cover should be the least of your concerns! So, let us find out how how to keep the Tonneau cover from leaking and keep your truck dry and moisture-free!


Reasons Why Your Tonneau Cover is Leaking

There are several reasons why your tonneau cover is suddenly leaking. The causes listed below may help to answer your queries about this.

  • Weather-related deterioration

One of the most prevalent, although almost unavoidable, causes must be fractures and holes caused by regular weather fluctuations. Because the cover is more exposed in locations with high humidity, it may rust and deteriorate.

  • Structural Gaps

Another reason you may be having tonneau cover leaking at the tailgate is that the construction contains cracks through which water leaks. Water may leak through a flaw in the alignment of the structure of the truck’s front bed rail and the bottom truck bed, for example.

  • Broken Weatherproof seal


If the weatherproof seal begins to break owing to the weather or shaking, water can easily leak through even if the gap is imperceptible or as thin as a hair fracture.

How to Prevent Water Infiltration?

Challenges are followed by the successful application of smart strategies, and these challenges have an easier answer than you would think. The following suggestions will help you fix your tonneau cover leaking at the bulkhead problem and keep your truck dry.

Installation by Trusted Expert

Well done if you were ambitious enough to install your tonneau cover yourself by following a YouTube instruction! However, your water leaking issue might be the result of an erroneous installation. It is best to use knowledgeable and reputable professionals to install a tonneau cover on your truck.


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Use of Water Seals

If your tonneau cover leaking at the tailgate becomes a constant problem due to inclement weather, it is advised to add water seals at the tailgate or bulkhead to prevent water from seeping through cracks on the cover.

Water-pipe Insulation

Rubber insulations are readily available in local hardware stores. Using a rubber sealing method, you will not only keep find a reliable way to fix the leakage but also be able to keep the pipe safe from damage.

Timely Inspection

The most important solution to your question ‘how to keep the Tonneau cover from leaking’ has to be thorough inspections from time to time. If you keep neglecting the cover after it endures continuous harsh conditions, the problem will keep building up every day.


The Takeaway

If your tonneau cover leaks water on a frequent basis, the truck bed may be more prone to corrosion and damage. Furthermore, you should not let this become a major issue, especially if you are on a trip and meet severe weather. You will be able to eliminate the problem of your tonneau cover leaking by examining the nature of the problem and implementing the methods provided above. Another bit of advice would be to test the workaround you discovered to ensure that it works, and if it does, then it is certainly a mighty relief!