Retrax Bed Cover Leaking With 3 Proper Solutions

A vehicle has the amazing ability to become man’s closest companion on every journey, whether it be an adventurous road trip or a peaceful tour to embrace nature. By devotedly supporting us through every turn and turn, the journey may become just as unforgettable as the final destination.

Fortunately, the New Retrax Retractable Tonneau cover provides effective solutions to enhance these journeys. With its lightweight design, UV protection, durable aluminum slat construction, and alluring textured matte finish, it offers the perfect shield against moisture, dust, rain, and various weather conditions.

However, certain inconveniences may arise when you find the Retrax bed cover leaking at tailgate, necessitating an efficient fix to keep the water out and protect the vehicle from further damages, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable driving experience with its air-tight seals.

Once you’ve identified the source of the problem, there are various methods to address it, such as using rubber tubes or sealing sprays, among other viable and convenient alternatives discussed in this blog. By following these steps, you can save time and energy and fully enjoy your journeys without worrying about any unexpected leaks!


Reasons Why Your Retrax Retractable Tonneau is Leaking

There are several ways to fix the leakage in the new Tonneau Cover, but first comes, identifying the root cause of the problem. Various factors might be at play for your Tonneau cover to have formed a leak. The two most probable factors among the various causes are described below in detail:

1) Continuous Exposure to Moisture:

If your Tonneau cover is constantly exposed to moisture and the area your car rests in, is damp, the cover will easily develop rust and might start chipping off if not kept in check or covered well.

2) Different sized parts:

Sometimes, the main problem isn’t the weather or your car’s condition going unchecked, but it can just be the cover itself. The Retrax bed cover leaking problem may also arise due to the outer lining measurements being different. If your cover and the truck bed does not line up properly and leaves a gap, water leakage through those vents are unavoidable.

The Solutions to Leaking Covers

Of course, immediate repairs is a necessity, but you might not be able to invest a considerable sum into buying a new cover. These options might be worth your buck, and your time, when looking for quick fixing options.

1) Rubber Insulation

A rubber insulation is a great option for anyone looking for a quick fix, because it protects the pipe from further damage, shielding it from harsh weather conditions while simultaneously acting as a sealant for the crack. It is a very reliable solution to any leak in the Tonneau cover.

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2) Water Sealing Spray

Water sealing sprays are a very highly opted-for solution to fix leakages. If you think you cannot help the weather conditions and your car would have to be parked in damp places, a sealant spray would do the job of keeping the surface smooth, having the water slide down, preventing any leakage.

3) Duct Tape

If you know it is impossible for you to invest in anything that needs more money, you can return to the good old duct tape method. It is cost effective and pretty durable if you know how to use it correctly, plus, it is also quite water resistant.

Therefore, if you still find your mutuals questing do Retrax bed covers leak, you can warn them about the conditions they might see their cover to undergo, and help them and yourself, find a solid solution to fix it!