5 Weird Bakflip MX4 Problems & Solutions [2023 Updated]

Lately, the demand for Pickup truck beds has increased as the use of Pickup trucks has increased. Plenty of options are available in the market, but there is no competitor like the Bakflip MX4.

The robust structure and elegant design make it on the top list of people who like easy-to-use yet good-quality pickup truck beds. Even being the best in the market, some Bakflip MX4 problems can sometimes be annoying. Problems such as lock issues, leaking tailgate, etc., might sound tiny but makes it challenging to work with. The best part is these problems can be solved.

The advantages, such as excellent performance and easy maintenance, make it stand out and overpowering. The user-friendly feature such as sealing spray and tightening the lock has made it to many truck owners for quite some time.


Bakflip MX4 leaking IssueUse butyl putty to seal the leakage
Latch Stuck and FrozenUse a silicone spray
Cracked Bed CoverContact dealer within warranty
Disputes in Locking MechanicsTighten the lock
Cover Fitting IssuesFollow installation guideline
Continuous Flapping of CoverRepair the seal


The Problems in Bakflip MX4

Even though Bakflip MX4 is quite popular but comes with some problems; the owners should be aware of the issues they might face and the solution to them.

Bakflip Mx4 Leaking Issue:-

Leakage from The Tailgate Top

One of the biggest problems customers face is the MX4 cover leakage issue. The majority of the owners are facing this problem, even if they buy online or offline. The common passage occurs at the tailgate portion, which eventually allows water to enter the cargo, making it wet and damaging the things kept there.

Though the brand provides a rubber seal system to keep the cover in place and prevent water from entering, the trick is to install it correctly. If not done, getting the items by water invasion becomes easy.


Such a good product, Bakflip MX4 leaking, also comes with a good solution. One of the easy ways to stop the leakage is to use butyl putty. Adding more drainage options can help drain the water from the cargo surfaces, which is more effective for rainy water. And the final option is to replace the leaked cover from the seller if it is under warranty.


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Latch Stuck and Frozen:-

Stuck With Frozen Latch

It is common to experience temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, which causes the latch to freeze. After water enters the latch and the temperature comes below zero degrees Celsius, it freezes the liquid, and that causes a malfunction in the mechanism. This effect eventually prevents the handle from working in the correct order, which makes it inconvenient for the users.


Don’t worry because there is a solution for every Bakflip MX4 problem. Silicone spray in the latch can prevent water from entering and freezing. You can pound the leach softly using an open fist to make it another way. This practice will shake up the frozen liquid, and eventually, the handle will function properly.


Cracked Bed Cover:-


Bakflip MX4 has multiple features and benefits, but they need more durability. A good number of buyers have faced the issue. They claim to offer an excellent design with durability, but the owners’ experiences are different. The cover works well in the initial years but lacks efficiency in later years and only lasts for a short time.


The best practice to prevent over-damaging your cover is to contact the dealer after noticing the first damage. Even if it is a crack or a dent, let them know it and do the needful. Good maintenance can add to the longevity of the product. This practice can help to get a replacement within the warranty years if needed.


Disputes in Locking Mechanics:-

The disputes in the Bakflip MX4 locking mechanism is another headache to the owners. Multiple reasons could be behind the conflicts, such as incorrect installation, rough usage, forcing to open, and neglecting the issues.


The first reaction to any issue found is to try to fix it as soon as possible. Tightening the lock system can act as a temporary solution. Though it is a quick fix, it needs some effort which you can give as you don’t want to get the lock mechanism to go bad further.

Pro Tip: A lock-specific lubricant can help it maintain it. Putting the lubricant on the keyhole regularly helps keep the lock healthy and function well. 


Cover Fitting Issues:-

Tonneau Cover Fitting Issues

One of the most common Bakflip MX4 problems is the loose fitted covers. Many users complain about it. People often need help getting the right size cover for their truck beds. Either it is to be or have gaps here and there, which can cause problems for the cargo.


There is a fix for everything, and so is for Bakflip MX4 covers. Follow the installation guidelines thoroughly, mount the hardware securely, and fasten it to adjust it to your truck bed. Even after these hacks, if you still face fitting issues, then it is good to contact customer support or a professional for help. You can get extra weather stripping or gaskets to cover the gaps and get the right fit.


Bakflip Mx4 Warranty:-

Even though users might find some difficulties with the Bakflip MX4, the warranty keeps your cover secured. Make sure to understand the type of warranty, as there are multiple. Usually, the warranty covers manufacturing flaws and hardware problems in the given period.

It is always a great experience to use the Bakflip MX4 with the quality and performance it comes with, and the warranty makes it secure. The brand offers a long-lasting truck bed cover solution. The Bakflip MX4 warranty also makes it easier and better for customers.


Continuous Flapping of Cover:-

Another issue the user’s notice is the continuous flapping of the cover while driving. Out of all Bakflip MX4 problems, this one is common. Though strong winds can quickly flap the cover, a significant speed does the same. The constant flapping while driving can be annoying, and the noise can interrupt the fun while driving.


To prevent flapping, install the cover properly and faster the hardware to keep it in place. Usually, loosely fitted covers often flap more. Make a routine checkup of the dirt and debris accumulated in the cover area that prevents it from staying in place. If necessary, clean the room.

Pro Tip: Additional weather stripping or foam padding can help to stop the constant flapping as the edges will reduce wind resistance. 


Retrax Tonneau Covers:-

Due to multiple issues with the Bakflip MX4, users are always searching for good brands. Retrax Tonneau Covers are one such competition that is visible prominently. Retrax covers are a good choice for truck owners due to their standardized design and relatable performance.

Retrax covers are retractable and easy to use. They also offer weather protection when closed correctly. The cargo is safe with a dependable locking mechanism. Retrax covers support a wide range of weather conditions and is long-lasting. The hard materials and good built quality make it even better.

The best part is the simple features and easy installation. Retax truck covers are an easy and considerable choice for truck owners looking for comfort and style at the same time without facing any issues or correctable issues.




1) Is My Truck Model Compatible with The Bakflip Mx4 Cover?

Ans: The Bakflip MX4 is made to fit most of the commonly used truck models. Even though checking the compatibility by year of manufacture and model from the manufacturer’s website is essential, you can also contact their customer service executive.

2) How Do I Install My Truck’s Bakflip Mx4 Cover?

Ans: The setup process varies from model to model. Every cover comes with an installation guideline provided by the manufacturer. Ensure you follow the guidelines correctly. If you cannot install it, you can always hire a professional.

3) Can I Wash the Bakflip Mx4 Cover?

Ans: Even though the Bakflip MX4 cover is water resistant, only partially waterproof. It works well in rain and light water splashes but cannot handle a thorough wash. It is suggested to install a rubber seal to protect the cargo from water.