Canvas VS Vinyl Tonneau Cover | Which is Better

Sometimes buying hefty tonneau covers with complex mechanisms can be a bit overkill. Therefore, weightless canvas and vinyl tonneau covers are the best alternatives for those who are looking for stylish and easy-to-use truck bed covers. Both these covers have several identical features but still, some traits make one stand out from the other. In this article, we have given an unbiased analysis of both canvas and vinyl tonneau covers. So, without any further ado, let us dive in.

Canvas Material

canvas_material tonneau cover


Vinyl Material

vinyl_material tonneau_cover


Canvas vs Vinyl Tonneau Cover Differences-

  • Finish- The most prevalent difference between the covers is their texture. While the vinyl covers are satin-like and plush in texture, the canvas covers are more ragged. Though the shiny surface of the vinyl cover is loved by many, yet it can cause the reflection from the sun glare which can be a bit too much to handle while driving. With raw canvas finishing, you don’t have to worry about this.
  • Durability- Another difference that pushes canvas covers one step ahead of vinyl cover is its high resilience. The firm canvas covers are slightly more tolerant when it comes to graze & dint abrasion. That’s why they are more long-lasting than vinyl.
  • Maintenance Factor- The maintenance of the vinyl cover is considerably hassle-free than any other cover. The dust particles usually slip away from the smooth vinyl fabric. Even if they manage to stick around as ugly bird droppings do, they are super easy to clean. On the other hand, anything that comes in contact with the coarse canvas fabric tends to linger behind.

The canvas texture soaks up water & stays drenched for a longer period, that’s why they are more prone to mildew & mold. And once these fungus-like things penetrate the canvas material, it will make you sweat to clean them.

  • Superior UV resistance – The glow of vinyl covers usually diminishes easily under the harsh UV rays. But the matte finishing of canvas covers block harsh sunlight and provide decent fade resistance.


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Canvas vs Vinyl Tonneau Cover Similarities-

  • Lightweight Material- Both canvas and vinyl tonneau covers are soft lightweight covers. They are easily manageable by one person.
  • Installation Process- The installation system of both the covers can be done with a snap of a finger. There will be quick built-in release clamps and buckles in the covers with which it takes hardly a few minutes to install any of the two covers. No cutting and drilling is required.
  • Budget-Friendly- The price range of both canvas & vinyl covers is affordable. Other tonneau covers with fiberglass, aluminum & ABC plastic fabrics are more costly than canvas or vinyl covers.
  • Two-Third Bed Access- Both vinyl and canvas soft folding covers provide two-third bed access. Removing the cover is the only option to gain complete bed access.


Best Canvas Tonneau Cover- Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Extang Corporation manufactures a full line of prominent tonneau covers, but their Trifecta 2.0 signature Tri-Fold is the most promising soft-folding tonneau cover. In this review, we will try not to miss out on any of its important characteristics, be it good or bad. What we admire about this cover is its matte black heavy-duty, gruff canvas material on the top exterior which is more long-lasting and wreck resistant than any regular vinyl cover. On the inside, it’s coated with black vinyl and the frame & bows are composed of heavy-grade aluminum that will safeguard your cover from corrosion.

Furthermore, its fully assembled no drill installation system is praiseworthy. It takes minimal effort to position the folded cover on the truck rails. Then simply unfasten the straps, unfold the cover and make sure it’s evenly placed from the tailgate to the front bedrail. Once satisfied, fold the cover back, go beneath the covers, and twist the jaw-gripping E-Z T-clamps on each side of the front panel.

To lock and open the cover, there are spring-loaded rear clamps that are made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon similar to the front clamps. You simply have to pull the lever down and release, then shut the cover. To open, repeat the same procedure. One thing you must remember is that you can only access two-third of the bed. But since the removal of the cover is as effortless as its installation, that won’t be a problem.

Apart from this, the canvas material is attached to the frame through sewing instead of hook-and-loop strips used in other canvas tonneau covers. The stitched cover with WeatherTuff seals that surpass the OEM standards provides a phenomenal water blockage structure. Consequently, making it the best canvas tonneau cover.

Coming to its loose points, the cover doesn’t provide hefty security. Anyone with a sharp object would be able to break through the cover. Also, we would not recommend you to drive it with the cover open, since it may flap around due to heavy wind. Lastly, some of the customers have reported that the water though doesn’t always drip through the covers but the canvas material absorbs it sometimes which makes it difficult to dry. On the other hand, on the slippery vinyl cover, water and dust have no way of sticking around.

Lastly, with this soft fold tonneau cover, you will have a limited lifetime warranty on all parts of the cover.


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Best Vinyl Tonneau Cover- Tonno Pro Tonno Fold Soft Tri-Fold Cover

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold Soft Tri-Fold Cover

Tonno Pro is one of the most high-ranking tonneau cover brands and today we are going to review their most sought-after truck bed cover i.e Tonno Fold Soft Tri-Folding cover. It has the most simplistic low-profile design that provides safety to your truck bed with its easy-as-pie functionality. It will give you an elegant flat appearance without any slacking as you see in some other soft folding covers. We would recommend this to the customers who prefer the glossy velvet feel over the coarse matte canvas finish.

When it comes to material, both the top and the lower surface are composed of 24-oz dual-coated, marine-grade vinyl. The vinyl used in this cover is also known to be the highest standard vinyl in the industry and that’s why it’s called the best vinyl tonneau cover. Plus, it has a black epoxy powder-coated rustproof aluminum frame. This silky smooth vinyl material is much simpler to clean and maintain than the canvas cover.

The combination of vinyl cover and aluminum frame makes it an all-weather resistant cover. Unlike other vinyl covers which are usually glued in, this one has the terelyne stitching on the cover which is also marine-grade for superior water resistance. Added to this, the rubber Q seal all around the edges boosts its watertight performance leaving little to no room for moisture to enter inside. The cover sits an inch above the truck bed supported by solid foam pads to withstand harsh impact.

Note- For truck owners who has plastic bed caps, a rubber gasket is incorporated on the front panel to fill the gaps between the cover and the bulkhead.

Let’s move on to the tonno fold’s no drilling installation process which won’t take more than 5-10 min to accomplish. The cover will be fully assembled with four E-Z clamps in the package. All you have to do is settle the folded cover on the front of the bedrails and hand tighten the inbuilt metal front clamps with the T-handle nut on each side from underneath the cover. Now, unfold the cover and unlatch the spring levers attached to the rear plastic clamps & slide them to the corner, and release. That’s it. Shut the tailgate and your truck bed is secure.

Now it’s time for some bad news. The clamps at the rear panel can be a bit problematic to operate because the spring lever can cause bruises on your knuckles. Also, we don’t like the plastic material of these rear clamps as there are high chances of them loosening over time. Another bad news for you is, with this tri-fold design you can only access two-third of your bed in the folded position. So for complete access, you have to remove the cover.

But the good news is that it’s going to take hardly 5 min to unfasten the cover and get it out of your way. You will receive a limited lifetime warranty on the aluminum frame & clamps and a 10-year warranty on the vinyl cover.



To conclude this article, we can say that overall both vinyl and canvas covers are great soft covers. Both have their usefulness and shortcomings. So it all comes down to what your requirements are. If you are looking for a soft cover that is more water-tight but gives minimal security, then, vinyl tonneau covers should be your choice. And if you want a lightweight cover with more durability then, a canvas tonneau cover would be best for you. Hopefully, you’ll keep these points in mind while buying the best tonneau cover for yourself.