BAKFlip MX4 vs G2 Tonneau Cover | Honest Comparison

If you have clicked on this article, chances are high that you have heard a lot about BAKFlip tonneau covers and are planning to buy one for yourself but you still need proper clarity and fortunately for you, in this article, we will be giving you a detailed comparison between BAKFlip MX4 vs G2 with all their bittersweet traits.

BAKFlip is the most prominent tonneau covers company that is ruling the tonneau market. Their G2 & MX4 tonneau covers are packed with some striking features that are mentioned in the below table. Hopefully, it will help you in making the right choice because we certainly don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money.

BAKFlip MX4 vs G2 Comparison

CoverHard foldingHard folding
Panel FinishMatte-flat finishSemi-gloss powder wrinkle finish
Panel Core.75” EPS.5” EPS
DurabilityExtremely HighHigh
Leak resistanceGoodDecent
WarrantyExtended-3 year3-year



MX4 Tonneau Cover


G2 Tonneau Cover


Similarities and Differences of the BAKFlip MX4 vs G2 –

BAKflip MX4 and G2 are the top two tonneau covers of the BAKFlip company. They have many similarities and differences that can confuse anyone new to the concept of tonneau covers. Therefore, we are going to clarify each difference and identical feature they share.


BAKFlip MX4 vs G2 Differences:


  • Cover core- Bakflip G2 has a .5” standard density EPS foam panel core. But MX4 has premium density cores with 35% more thickness. MX4 tonneau cover has a .75” EPS foam-filled core.
G2 Cover Core
G2 Cover Core


MX4 cover core
MX4 Cover Core


  • Cover Finish- Next difference is about the look of the covers. BAKFlip G2 has a black semi-gloss powder coat finish. But when it comes to MX4, you will see a black Matte flat finish which makes it slightly more polished than G2 but everyone has different choices and personally I prefer a matte finish.


Mx4 matte finish
MX4 Matte Finish


G2 glossy finish
G2 Glossy Finish



  • Resistance against dent, scratch, and UV rays- If you want to know which is better MX4 vs G2 when it comes to UV resistance, your answer is MX4. On the other hand, both G2 and MX4 offer premium UV resistance. But apart from UV resistance, G2 doesn’t offer much when it comes to dents, scratches & scuff.


  • Latch Housing- The difference between the latch housing of BAKflip MX4 vs G2 tonneau cover is that G2 has standard latch housing whereas Mx4 has an injection molded latch housing. Thus, the MX4 tonneau cover has a supreme latching system in comparison to the average latching system of BAKflip G2.


  • Weight- The comparison of the weight holding capacity of BAKflip MX4 vs G2 isn’t very difficult. The premium cover MX4 can hold 400lbs and the standard aluminum cover G2 can hold 300lbs weight.


BAKFlip MX4 vs G2 Similarities:-


  • Cover Material- The major similarities between BAKflip G2 and MX4 lies in the composition material of the cover. Both of them are made up of long-lasting aluminum from the top to the core.


  • Dual Action Tailgate Seal- This is one of the most important shared features of these two tonneau covers. With the help of this, you can now easily open and shut your tailgate even if the covers are shut.

Dual Action Tailgate



  • Built-in Buckle System- Another similarity between these two covers is that they all support integrated buckles. You can secure your cover with these buckles in a tucked-up or flat position while driving according to your need.

Built-in Buckle System



  • Full Bed Access- Another identical feature of G2 and MX4 is that it provides complete bed access to the user. Now you can use your truck bed at its full capacity.

Full Bed Access



  • Compatible with BAKBox 2- These two tonneau covers work well with the effective storage solution BAKBox 2. This will allow you to create more space for your essentials in the truck.

Compatible with BAKBox 2



  • Third brake Light visibility- You can take advantage of the CHMSL viability with these two covers. This feature will make your driving a safer experience. However,  some 8′ applications may not allow for 3rd brake light visibility due to the height of the cab and light location.


How to install BAKflip MX4 and G2?

The installation process of all three BAKFlip covers is the same. No matter whether you are planning to buy BAKFlip G2 or MX4 you can easily install the cover without any professional help. Apart from a wrench or a socket, you don’t need any fancy tools. It would take approximately an hour to install it by yourself. And if you have a helping hand, it will be done even faster. Just follow these easy steps and install it in no time

  • Start by placing the bulkhead seal right on the top edge of the truck bed. But first, wipe the surface with the alcohol wipes and then leave it to dry. Then, put the seal without rushing so that it would stick correctly.
  • Now take the passenger side rail. You will notice an elevator bolt channel at one corner of the rail. The side with this bolt will come close to the cab. Underneath this, you will see a drain cup attached to the rail to drain away from the excess water that collects in the rail. This will be used to attach the drain tube to your truck. Now back to installing, slowly, by compressing the rail with one hand, attach the rail to the truck with the help of three clamps that will come in your tool kit. These three clamps should be placed from one end to the other ( one on each corner & one in the middle). Make sure the rail is in a horizontal position. Now repeat the process on the left side.
  • Then, insert the threaded buckles on the front of the cover on both ends with the screwdriver. Note- Do this step before placing the cover on the rails and don’t use the screw gun for this.
  • Now, it’s time to place the folded cover on top of the rails. You may find it heavy to lift on your own so a helping hand would be recommended. After this, with the help of elevator bolts secure the cover to the rails by putting them under the pre-drilled holes on each end of the front panel. Then, from underneath the cover place the rubber washer, middle washer & lock washer respectively and lock the bolts on each end with a knob.
  • Next, attach one end of the draining hose right under the corner of the rail and the other end into the already existing hole inside the bed rug.
  • Now take the three rubber bumpers and place them on the inside of the rear panel so that when you lay the folded cover in an upright position it won’t scratch your truck.
  • Finally, unfold the cover and check whether or not it completely flushes between the rails. It will make the click sound each time you’ll close the panel.


That’s it, the process is complete. Though the installation process may look a little overwhelming yet once you’ll start doing it you will realize it’s a lot easier than it’s shown in the installation guide that comes with the package.

Pro-tip– For the precise installation of a tonneau cover you have to first order the cover exactly according to the size of your truck bed otherwise the cover will never attach to the truck correctly.


Are BAKflip MX4 and G2 durable/secure?

Bakflip covers come with reasonable security measures. None of these two BAKflip covers comes with an independent locking system attached to them. But the automatic latching system of these covers will attach them to the truck after the tailgate is locked in its place.

No keyhole or latches can be seen on the top of the covers. Thus, it will be difficult for any novice thief to pull them up without breaking into the tailgate as they are positioned beneath the covers. Previously, G2 had an overlapping tailgate seal but now all three BAKflip covers have dual tailgate seal that makes them even more convenient to use. The dual tailgate seal will let you unlock and close the tailgate without even opening the rear panel of either cover.

Now if we talk about the durability of the covers, the manufacturers claim that the thick rustproof aluminum panels & frame of G2 and MX4.

The superior latching system in these two provides more security. These two covers can also take a considerable amount of weight on the top and you can also enjoy the feature of heat tolerance with these two tonneau covers.



Does BAKflip MX4 and G2 Leak?

According to the BAKflip team, the structure of the BAKflip G2 and MX4 covers is built with weather seals made of EPDM rubber that runs along the edges of the cover giving you efficient waterproof coverage. However, if water does manage to leak through these rubber hinges, there is a drainage system assembled inside the rails that will collect water and flush it out through the drain tubes.

But like BAKflip itself suggests, each tonneau cover is designed in a way to give you the best protection against the water yet no cover is 100% waterproof. Therefore, keep that in mind while buying any of these tonneau covers that there is always a chance of water seeping through the covers based on the weather condition you are living in and how you use the covers, and many other factors.

Pro-tip- Water leakage can also be the result of poor installation. So make sure you don’t leave any gaps open while installing so that there will be minimal water leakage.


Can we walk on MX4 and G2?

Whether or not you can walk on the BAKflip G2 and MX4 would depend on the quality of the material of the cover. There is no difference between the material of the BAKflip g2 and mx4 tonneau cover as both are made up of thick textured metallic aluminum. Yet the G2 cover has a weak EPS foam core as compared to the MX4’s premium density core. The G2 cover can hold 300 pounds and MX4 can hold 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

Though these two covers are made of high-quality material yet it is not recommended by the experts to walk or even stand on the covers. It’s because it won’t be able to hold the weight if it’s not evenly distributed. Still, if it’s necessary, you can stand or sit on the cover, if you overlay panels on top of each other. That too not for a longer time. But walking is prohibited for safety purposes.



Can BAKflip MX4 and G2  go through a car wash?

Now, over the years we have seen many consumers with mixed experiences of taking their BAKflip tonneau covers through a car wash. Let us start by saying that the BAKFlip industry generally does not recommend car wash for their tonneau covers, especially for the G2 tonneau cover. It’s partially because of the water pressure and the harsh chemicals and partially because of the spinning brushes etc. So try to remove your cover before going for a car wash.

But for the buyers who insist on going through a car wash with the covers, we would like you to keep a few things in mind to avoid unnecessary damage to your covers. Firstly, you should opt for an automatic touchless car wash with basic water and soap.

But make sure to close the covers before you go through a car wash because as we discussed earlier, no matter how tight your water-resistance seals are, water can still reach inside your truck. Secondly, strictly stay away from the use of wax and silicon methods as they can do serious damage to your covers. And lastly, remember that the pressure from the spinning brushes and dryers fans can ruin your bed covers, so avoid them at all costs.

Pro-tip- Hand washes your cover with water, mild soap & a soft sponge because it is the best-suited method to clean your tonneau cover and prevent harm from the car wash.

What are the issues/problems with MX4 and G2?


  • Poor Leakage Resistance- Though the BAKflip industry claims that the BAKflip G2 and MX4 give watertight coverage to your truck bed yet many customers have been denying their claim. The EDMP rubber hinges fail to keep the water seeping through the gaps between the rails and the panels. The defective drainage tube system makes things even worse during the rainy season.
  • Inadequate lock system- One drawback with the locking system of G2 and MX4 covers is that you have to have the tailgate lock in your truck to ensure the complete security of your cargo. Without it, you won’t be able to lock the covers. Also, because of the lack of separate locks on the covers, anyone with enough knowledge of the locking tools can access the cover’s latches without even undoing the tailgate lock.
  • Inefficient Heat resistance- The rubber seals around the cover tend to melt under extreme heat exposure and become wrinkly under high temperatures.
  • Loose Integrated prop rods- The integrated prop rods that support the cover in a vertical position to give the full bed access might get loosen if you take a long drive on a bumpy road.



To summarize this article, we can say that we have tried to gather all the details about BAKFlip G2 and MX4 tonneau cover. They are somewhat similar in design and other aspects as well. Yet some distinctive features make each one stand out from another. It could be the black matt finish coat of MX4 or the UV resistance capacity of G2. Though each one has many advantages, they lack some of the qualities too. So before you pick one, make sure to keep certain things in mind like the weather condition of the place you are living in, how extensively you are going to use it, etc.

For example, if you live in an extremely hot area, it would be better if you buy MX4 or G2 as they give better protection against the sun. And if you looking for a robust quality cover, then MX4 would be the right choice for you. And if you are looking for a budget-friendly BAKFlip cover then G2 should be your pick. So now hopefully you are ready to make your choice between BAKFlip MX4 and G2.