What Is A Tonneau Cover And Why Is It Called A Tonneau Cover?

Trucks are great for hauling tons of equipment and getting the job done. But when you load up your truck bed, it can be a constant concern to keep all of your gear secure while driving around.

The simple and stylish solution is installing a tonneau cover that clamps down on top securely so no one else has access to what’s in there, whether they’re looking or not!

The sleek curves, smooth finish and classy look make for a great addition to any truck bed. With Tonneau Covers you can keep your cargo safe from the wind while showing off some style – all at once.

Mx4 matte finish

Ever wonder how a tonneau cover got its name? Turns out, it’s French! The word originated from the wine industry and interestingly enough is derived from cask or barrel in french.

It can now be used to describe hard or soft truck bed covers – because of course, they come with their meanings too!

So how did a random puzzling French term used in the beverage industry become almost exclusively associated with the red-blooded all-American pickup truck?

To answer that we need to go back to the early days of cars and their rise as a symbol for rebellion.



It turns out that tonneau covers were used long before trucks were even invented.

The word “tonneau” – a French term for barrel or cask- was first used centuries ago to describe open-air cargo hulls on horse-drawn carriages.

The open-air spaces were covered with tarps called “tonneaus” in English by early 20th century truckers who found them useful when bringing goods back from Europe.

Early 20th-century car manufacturers began offering many options and configurations for their models. One popular option was the tonneau, which initially designated an open rear passenger compartment that often resembled a barrel.

Soft leather coverings were used to protect this type of tonneau when not in use by passengers; however, it would later be adopted by racers during the early Bonneville Salt Flat days as they sought ways to reduce wind drag on themselves during the events; by covering up any exposed areas with either hardtop or soft top material depending on what configuration best suited them each event day so far from home!

According to the world-record-setting drivers in the day who have used a tonneau cover added one factor that would help them set new standards for aviation engineering: The addition of this feature was critical when it came down to choosing what vehicle best suited their needs as they soared through the track at lightning speed.

Convertible tops and general advancements in vehicle aerodynamics threatened a short-lived revival of the tonneau cover, but the onslaught of pickup trucks ensured it wouldn’t disappear any time soon.


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To pronounce tonneau cover, you have to give the first part of its name a long sound. To do this, start with an “n”, and then make it longer using your tongue.

To make the pronunciation easier, try to think of it as two words, “ton” and “neau”. You can say the word ton like when you sing along with a song that says “oh!”

Say the word in a sentence that makes sense for the context. For eg – “The tonneau cover is finished in dark-stained Burr Walnut and features the largest wood veneer ever applied to a Bentley automobile.”
This way, it becomes easier to remember and practice effortlessly.



tonneau cover manufacturing

Due to the immense demand for pick-up trucks within the automotive industry, there are innumerable automobile manufacturers currently presiding over the light-duty vehicle market. 

The wide multitude of options that comes with these trucks also brings variations within the tonneau cover being brought to the market by different brands.

Therefore, from a general viewpoint, the materials being used to make tonneau cover mainly depends on the brands and the model. 

But usually, they are made of 24-ounce marine-grade vinyl for reliability and strength and is supported by strongly powder-coated aluminium frames. Most covers are built to be suitable for beds of the range 8-10 feet. 

Almost all brands introducing tonneau covers provide it with a dual coating for extra strength and rigidity. Additionally, every brand brings a top-notch latching security system with their newest update of tonneau cover in the market.


Should you buy a Tonneau cover?

Well, this is the question you might be wondering after reading till here whether you should buy a Tonneau cover or not? If you are a proud owner of a pickup truck and carry cargo then buying a tonneau cover may be a good option as the main reason to buy it is that it protects your cargo.

We have seen many truck owners struggling with a lot of issues such as tangled bungee cords, old tarps, and incidents of stealing their outdoor tools, or any kind of cargo.

A tonneau cover may be the answer for all the above issues.


Factors you need to keep in mind before buying a tonneau cover?

If you have decided to buy a tonneau cover then you need to make sure to ask some questions to yourself and those questions are, do you park your truck inside or outside? Does it snow or rain where you live? Will you be going off-road? what all types of things do you usually haul?

Once you get the answer to all the above questions, you can take pride in winning half of the battle because now you need to choose from different types of tonneau covers available in the market.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered in this area as well since we have written an article, particularly on the topic of different types of tonneau covers where you will find all the types and all the details.

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folding tonneau cover

A folding tonneau cover is basically a better version of your regular tonneau cover. In folding tonneau covers, several panels retract and fold back on top of one another.

As effortless as it may seem, the folding tech of tonneau covers saves an insane amount of human labor and time.

Here are 3 reasons why –

  • Seamless handling of private cargo – Folding tonneau cover allows you to hide some part of the truck bed while not the other part. This turns out to be useful if you happen to transport awkwardly shaped cargo.


  • Top-end security – Unlike regular covers, folding tonneau covers come with inbuilt fiberglass and hard plastic that keep thieves and looters away.


  • Light-weight – If you happen to own a pick-up truck, chances are you know the hassle it takes to attach and detach the tonneau cover every single time you need to take your stuff in and out. Folding tonneau covers eases your task and saves time due to their extremely rigid yet lightweight nature.


Weighing around 45-60 lbs with prices ranging from $250 – $1750, folding tonneau covers come with clamp-on mechanisms to the inside rail lip and can be detached and reattached quickly and with ease. Installation requires nothing more than simple hand tools.




Not only does the tonneau cover protect and your pickup bed and cargo, but It also helps you save money on gas, cargo loss and provides top-end security.

The tonneau cover is hands down, one of the best investments you could have to maintain your truck’s value.  They may come in soft or hard versions and are made from various materials. Despite these variations, one thing is for sure: they can make your journey smoother and long-lasting.