Valvoline Vs Jiffy Lube Vs Midas | Most Honest Review

We all know that for the proper functioning of your vehicle, a regular oil change is very important. Now whether you want to do the task at home or take your car to the service station is always up to you.

But mind you changing oil by yourself can do irreversible damage to your engine. That is why we would advise you to choose a reputable auto repair service.

However, if you want to know which automotive service would be the safest option for you to hand over your precious car, you must read this article till the end.

With our detailed research, we have made a fair comparison between Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas, which are some of the best automotive service providers in the market. There are many factors that you should consider before making a final decision, like location, price, quality of maintenance services, and much more.

But, before we go any further, let us give you the difference between Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas in brief. Valvoline and Midas services have a better reputation than Jiffy Lube. At the same time, Jiffy Lube’s standard oil change service includes complimentary services that are missing from Valvoline and Midas.

Review Table

Now let’s discuss all three service companies in detail. For your better understanding, we have also added a few comparison tables of their various features.

BrandsRegularSynthetic BlendFull Synthetic
Jiffy LubeAffordableSlightly ExpensiveExpensive
MidasAffordableSlightly ExpensiveSlightly Expensive

DISCLAIMER- Price range can vary depending upon the location, type of vehicle and oil.

BrandsCustomer ServiceProduct Quality
Jiffy LubePoorStandard
ValvolineExcellent Premium


Fuel system serviceTire Rotation TransmissionAir Conditioning ServiceBattery ReplacementAir Filter ServiceBrake Fluid Service
Jiffy LubeAverageAverage Below AverageAverage AverageBelow Average Average
ValvolineExcellent AverageGoodGoodExcellent GoodGood
MidasGoodGoodAverageAverageGoodAverage Good


Differences and Similarities between Valvoline Vs Jiffy Lube Vs Midas-

Valvoline, Jiffy Lube and Midas car maintenance services are popular for one reason or the other. They share a few differences and similarities. Let us go through them one by one for better understanding.

Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas Differences-

  • Price difference- Jiffy Lube and Midas oil change services are budget-friendly whereas Valvoline is expensive because they use high-end products in their services.
  • Customer Service-Unlike Jiffy Lube that has left a bad impression on their customers over the years, Midas oil change offers reliable customer service. However, Valvoline Instant Oil Change has earned tremendous appreciation from its clients through outstanding performance.
  • Service Duration- Both Valvoline and Jiffy Lube provides extremely fast service. On the contrary, Midas oil change service is slow-paced.
  • Money-Saving deals- Valvoline and Jiffy Lube offer better discount and coupon deals as compared to the Midas oil change.
  • Franchise locations: Valvoline has nearly 1400 locations all around the world, of which 1170 are in the USA. Similarly, Jiffy Lube has around 2000 locations within the USA. Midas, on the other hand, has the maximum number of worldwide locations, i.e., more than 2100 locations, with 1200 American locations.

Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas Similarities-

  • Quality of oils-All three oil chains use API and ILSAC GF-6 certified premium quality oils, be it conventional, synthetic, or synthetic blends. Valvoline, Pennzoil, Mobil 1 are some of the high-end engine oils that Jiffy Lube, Midas and Valvoline Instant oil change use in their service centers.
  • Services Offered- Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, and Midas provide similar types of car maintenance services, which include transmission services, anti-freeze changes, washer fluid, tire pressure, engine services, battery maintenance, and many more.


Detailed Comparison-

1) Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas Price-

Price Comparison

The price range between Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas differs on the basis of location, type of oil, types of services, vehicle model, and engine condition. Based on our personal experience and expert’s opinion, we can say that, out of the three, Valvoline Instant Oil Change is the most expensive oil change franchise.

On the other hand, Jiffy Lube is cheaper than Valvoline but pricier than Midas oil changes. Most of the time, the difference occurs due to the quality of oil used. To save some money during an oil change, do check out our Pro-tip ahead.

In their oil change service, Valvoline utilizes their own manufactured premium quality oils and filters. Both Jiffy Lube and Midas also use high-quality oils but because they use a variety of oils by different brands, their price also varies from each other.

Apart from this, the premium quality filters, fluids, tires, coolant, etc., used in the extended services performed by Valvoline Instant Oil Change also make a huge difference in their price. On the contrary, Midas and Jiffy Lube apply standard oil filters and other items.

But by no means, standard oil filters are inferior to branded filters. In fact, some vehicles don’t even require the high-quality filters and oils that Valvoline uses.

To conclude, if you have a tight budget, choose Midas oil change service because, surprisingly, the price of some of the synthetic oil they use is closer to the price of Valvoline’s and Jiffy Lube’s conventional oil.

Pro-tip- Most automobile maintenance centres allow you to bring your own oil for an oil change service. Thus, instead of using their expensive oils, you can simply choose an affordable oil for your engine as long as it meets your manufacturer’s requirements.


2) What’s included in Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas Oil change?

Oil Change

Honestly, there isn’t much difference in the basic oil change services of Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, and Midas. However, Jiffy Lube has taken a lead over Valvoline and Midas by a small margin.

Jiffy lube oil change service consists of 5quarts of oil with new oil filter, change of transmission fluids, power steering etc. But added to this, Jiffy Lube also has a free top-off policy that includes 2 additional quarts of any of the fluids that your vehicle requires in between your oil changes for free, which is a huge plus.

Valvoline instant oil changes also offer free top-offs, but only if you choose their Valvoline Express Care Service, which is somewhat more costly than their standard oil service. Other than that, the formal Valvoline oil change service is similar to Jiffy Lube, excluding the free top-offs.

It involves up to 5 quarts of their own manufactured oil and a filter. At the same time, lubrication and inspection of all the major parts of your vehicle will be done.

Now, it’s time to discuss: what does Midas oil change include? Midas oil change service has its own advantages like 5 quarts of oil and regular filter with Midas Touch Courtesy Check to examine and repair crucial components like an air filter, battery, coolant, different fluids etc.

Unfortunately, as compared to Jiffy Lube and Valvoline, it doesn’t offer a free fluid change in any of its services. That’s why Jiffy Lube’s bonus top-off feature sometimes attracts more customers than Valvoline and Midas.


3) Discounts and Coupons Offered by Valvoline, Jiffy Lube and Midas-

Discounts Offered

Discounts and coupons are used by oil change companies to entice the customers to their stores. From Valvoline Instant Oil Change to Jiffy Lube to Midas, each quick-lube shop offers various discounts, coupons, and other deals on different oil change services.

At present, Valvoline is offering $7 off on a full oil change service on both synthetic and synthetic blend oil changes. At the same time, you will receive $5 off on conventional oil change service. All these offers are applicable worldwide.

On the other hand, Jiffy Lube is providing $10 off on additional signature service. Also, you can get $20 off on their synthetic oil change, plus $15 off on both their synthetic blend and high mileage oil change services. However, the drawback of these offers is that they are limited to only specific regions of the USA.

Similarly, Midas is offering a minimum of $10 off on their fully-synthetic oil change. Other than that, their discount and deal offers are different for each region, so you have to check their latest offers on their website.

Overall, we can say that Valvoline is a bit generous in terms of discounts and coupons. Apart from the offers mentioned above, it also offers an additional $7 off promotional code after the completion of an oil change service. This way, you can save at least 20%–50% as compared to Jiffy Lube and Midas.

Note-These discounts and coupons keep changing from time to time. Some of these discounts and coupons may vary depending upon the location.


4) Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas Customer Service-

Customer Service

To ascertain which one out of Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, and Midas provides better service, we have gone through hundreds of customer reviews. Plus, we surveyed some of their stores too.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change has the best customer care service out of them all. To the customer’s relief, Valvoline technicians have to go through 270 hours of practical training before beginning their job.

Most clients were seen praising their professional staff. The availability of fine quality Valvoline oil with different grades to meet the requirements of every type of vehicle is also an added advantage.

Even though, like any other oil change workshop, you may face upselling in their stores too, you won’t feel pressured.

While Valvoline received a thumbs up, Midas oil change customer service is average from what we have gathered from our experience and public response. Their service is quite slow, be it oil change service or other vehicle inspection services.

Even though their mechanics are known to be well-trained, the number of employees in some workshops is not enough. But they make up for it with their up-to-the-mark performance.

It’s time to talk about the disappointing customer service of Jiffy Lube. When we started our survey of their workshops, we were a bit skeptical because of all the negative reviews available online.

From the leakage issue to using old oil instead of the new one to replacing the wrong filter, the complaints against their services were endless. What we experienced was no different from other customers.

The staff in most of their workshops were clearly inexperienced. Their main focus was upselling unnecessary items to the customers rather than their work. Added to this was their unprofessional and rude behaviour. So we would recommend you to avoid Jiffy Lube.

Pro-tip– Always ask for a dipstick check before and after the oil change. The new oil would be lighter in colour.


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Additional Questions-

  • Is Valvoline good for oil change?

Yes, it is. The Valvoline Instant Oil Change is known for its exceptional performance. There are many reasons why customers choose Valvoline over other quick-lube shops.

One of the reasons is that they use supreme quality products. Another reason is their easy accessibility. If you are interested in getting your car maintenance done by Valvoline, all you have to do is look for the store near you and you will easily find one.

Additionally, their highly-qualified mechanics also provide 18 vehicle maintenance checks after the oil change procedure. Their extended services include Valvoline Express Care, battery replacement, transmission services, fuel system service, and many more.

Even now, if you are wondering, “Is Valvoline Instant Oil Change good?” Let us tell you some of their added advantages.

The first one is that you won’t need to make any appointments beforehand. They work even on weekends. So even an impromptu visit for an oil change would be welcomed by them.

Moreover, they are famous for their prompt drive-thru oil changes. That being said, Valvoline services aren’t cheap, even though they offer reasonable discounts and coupons. Still, their services are usually worth it.

  • Are Valvoline and Jiffy Lube the same?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because they both offer some similar benefits to their customers.

For instance, both Valvoline and Jiffy Lube offer stay-in-your-car for their customers’ convenience. This means the whole oil change service will be done right in front of their customer’s eyes.

Similarly, both Valvoline and Jiffy Lube are known for their fast service. Both take about 15-20 minutes to change the oil. So you can easily fit this task into your weekend plan.

Now, let’s talk about how Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube oil change are different. As we have already mentioned, Valvoline has a much better reputation as compared to Jiffy Lube in the industry.

Moreover, while Jiffy Lube service centers are limited to the USA regions, Valvoline Instant Oil Change service stations are located in more than 14 countries.

Also, Valvoline mostly uses its own manufactured products, whereas Jiffy Lube keeps changing its products depending upon the availability and the profit they will gain.

Therefore, both have some common ground as well as different approaches when it comes to oil changes and other car maintenance services.

  • Does Midas do a good oil change?

Again, it’s a yes. Midas is an oil chain franchise serving the automotive industry for more than 60 years under the TBC corporation. With thousands of locations all over the world, it has gained a good reputation among its customers.

The full oil change service is done meticulously by the expert technicians of Midas. These technicians are capable of detecting even minor issues in your vehicle.

Moreover, they never compromise on the quality of oil used in their services. From conventional to synthetic, they store all kinds of oils that are easily compatible with both older and modern vehicles.

What’s even better is that Midas offers the Midas Touch Maintenance Package, which includes a new oil and filter with a free analysis of your overall vehicle condition.

Unfortunately, Midas oil change service is a time-consuming task. It takes about 60 minutes to complete the entire process. Also, during the oil change, you will have to stay in the waiting room, which means you won’t be able to see what’s happening throughout the service.

Other than that, Midas oil change service is a good investment for your car.


Conclusion –

Our final verdict on the comparison between Valvoline vs Jiffy Lube vs Midas is as follows:

Valvoline Instant Oil has surpassed Jiffy Lube and Midas in terms of customer satisfaction worldwide. But at the same time, it is more expensive than the other two.

Jiffy Lube is more economical than Valvoline and Midas because not only are their oils affordable, but they also offer free and extra top-offs with their oil change services. However, their inexperienced team members have created a bad repo for the company.

Lastly, Midas is somewhere in between the two of them. No doubt, they have a fair stature amongst their customers because of their reasonable price range and their thorough maintenance services. But in comparison to Valvoline, it lacks when it comes to the quality of products used in their services.