Is Quaker State Good Oil? The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Quaker State has been a part of the automotive industry for more than 100 years. That is why it is considered one of the longest-running engine oil manufacturers in the world.

During this long journey, from its expansion to acquisitions,it encountered many highs and lows.Because of this, doubts emerged and people raised questions like “Is Quaker State good oil”?

Amidst this chaos, Quaker State managed to evolve big-time over the years to meet the demands of its customers. In addition to some of the best synthetic, synthetic blends &conventional engine oils for all types of vehicles, it also offers top-quality filters, transmission fluids, gear lubricants, etc.

And the best part is that all these products are highly affordable. The brand has gained many loyal customers because of its reasonable price range as compared to its competitors in the market.

Apart from this, the wide variety of oils by Quaker State can be used with both modern and vintage vehicles. Unfortunately, the Quaker State conventional engine oil does not provide extended drain intervals in older vehicles.

If you still have questions similar to “Is Quaker State a good oil?” Don’t worry. We are here to answer them all.

By the end of this article, we’ll provide you with more than enough information about the brand and its products. So let’s dive in. You can start by checking out this table for better clarity.

Suitable EnginesAll types of engines
Suitable ModelsBoth modern and older vehicles.
Longevity Good
Fuel Economy Good
Grades Available 0W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 5W-20, 5W-40
Value for MoneyGood


It has been setting a high bar with its unmatched performance as automotive engine oil.It contributes to the full-fledged removal of carbon dioxide emissions. This results in improved fuel economy.


1) Is Quaker State fully synthetic oil good?

Without a doubt, yes. Quaker State claims that its fully synthetic oil is the finest product of all.
The reformed additives present in this oil maintains its physical properties such as viscosity exceptionally well. It means your engine will operate flawlessly even in extreme temperatures.

Also, Quaker State fully synthetic oil offers permanent protection of the motor parts against friction. With it, your vehicle will run as smoothly on highway rides as it will be on short bumpy rides.

The price range is a bit high as compared to conventional and synthetic blend oils. But if you look at the perks that come with it, buying it would be a profitable deal nevertheless.


2) Is Quaker State a good filter?

Yes, certainly. Quaker State filters have a good reputation in the automotive industry.
The quality, construction, and design of these filters are admirable, to say the least. The highly efficient filter media is designed to remove the impurities such as dust and ferrous particles present in the oil.

To enhance the performance of the filter in your engine, do check out our pro-tip at the end.

By removing these dirt contaminants, these filters stop them from re-entering the engine. Added to this, they are also used for slowing down engine wear.

Needless to say, they are as important as good quality oil for your engine. Plus, they are super easy to install and uninstall.

Pro-tip- As an extra precaution, you can add magnets to your filters. These magnets will capture the microscopic particles that the filter might not be able to catch. This will surely extend the life of your engine.

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3) Is Quaker State made by Shell?

The answer is yes. Quaker State oils are manufactured by its parent company, Shell Oil Company.
After many years of success, in the 1990s, Quaker State started facing huge financial losses in its business. The company did try to overcome this problem but didn’t succeed.

Finally, in 1998, it was bought by Pennzoil, which was a competitor of Quaker State at that time. After this merger, it became “Pennzoil -Quaker State Company.”

Later on, in 2002, the Shell oil company took over both brands. However, it separated both of them breaking their consolidation.

Since then, Shell Oil Company started making and selling the products of Quaker State. But they are sold under the name of Quaker State only.


4) Is Quaker State Ultimate Durability good oil?

Yes, definitely. Quaker State ultimate durability guarantees extraordinary protection for your engine. At the same time, it provides precise lubrication even for adverse driving styles.

It limits friction to a greater level, which in turn results in less wear and more power.This oil is also available in a variety of viscosity grades, including 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, and 5W-40.

After using this oil, your engine will start without a hiccup regardless of the weather. Furthermore, it is tested and approved by Dexos 1 Gen 2, one of the most stringent specifications by GM, making it more dependable.

Most importantly, it is designed to resist breaking down for a long period, which enables you to drive for more than km before an oil change. What more can you ask for?


Products We Recommend-

1) Quaker State Motor Oil, Conventional 10W-30-

Quaker State Motor Oil, Conventional 10W-30

 For good maintenance and high-level protection of your engine, you can opt for Quaker State Motor Oil, Conventional 10W-30.It is perfectly capable of safeguarding the most crucial parts of your engine from excess wear and tear for a long period.

The fact that it can prevent the deterioration of the engine so smoothly makes it commendable in our opinion. You’ll notice a guaranteed change in the performance of your engine right after the first oil change.

Moreover, it also stands out because of its superior resistance to ageing and sludge buildup. And you know what’s even more amazing about this engine oil?

It’s the 10W-30 viscosity grade of this oil. This gives you the advantage of the smooth operation of the engine throughout the year, irrespective of the weather.

To continue with its praiseworthy points, we would like to draw your attention to its low fuel consumption aspect. Naturally, it is not only beneficial for the environment but is also favourable for your pocket.

However, apart from such glorious advantages, Quaker State oil has some disadvantages too.

One of the major drawbacks of this engine oil from our viewpoint is the short driving intervals. So, anyone who dislikes frequent oil changes should keep this in mind before shopping for this motor oil.

Also, it is no secret that modern engines require full synthetic oil. Thus, another crucial shortcoming of this oil is that it won’t be suitable for newer vehicles.

Even with some of these flaws, Quaker State Convention 10W-30 does its job perfectly well. It can be a valuable engine oil as it can overcome complex driving conditions.  From city traffic to start-go traffic to long highway journeys, it is well suited for all situations.


2) Quaker State Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil-

Quaker State Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

Quaker State Full Synthetic 5W-30 motor oil is an excellent choice for those who seek the utmost engine cleanliness. Its active cleaning agents reduce mud formation to a greater extent.

To gain buyers’ appreciation, the Quaker state has made this engine oil compatible with both older and newer vehicles. Another added advantage of this oil is that it decreases friction and provides exceptional mechanical performance.

We love the 5W-30 viscosity of this oil, which ensures an effortless cold start. Not only that, but it is also adequate for high-temperature regions.

Moreover, this 100% synthetic engine oil has API-SN plus, ILSAC GF-6a, and GM dexos 1 Gen 2 certification. This itself speaks volumes about the reliability of this oil.

Now coming to its weak points, even though we don’t have a lot to say, some things are worth mentioning. For example, this engine oil is only applicable for gasoline and turbocharged engines.

Therefore, it’s of no use for petrol engines. If we go by some of the customer’s reviews, there were several complaints related to leakage issues after switching to this motor oil.

If you also find yourself in this situation, check out our pro-tip which can help you fix an oil leak all by yourself.

Pro-tip- Buy a good-quality oil stop-leak additive. It’s a type of liquid that helps in ceasing the oil leak.

Simply mix it in with your full synthetic oil at the time of your oil change. It will not only smooth the gaskets out, but it will also return them to their original shape.


3) Quaker State Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil-

Quaker State Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil

Quaker State Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor oil has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of both modern turbo and refined engines. It aims to eliminate the existing residues from your engine. At the same time, it provides long-lasting protection against new deposits.Quaker State guarantees peak performance even with long drive intervals.

The reason behind this is low to no friction and less tearing.Like most top-quality synthetic oils, it delivers a flawless cold start at an extremely low temperature. On top of that, the improved fuel economy delivered by this engine oil has gained our nod of approval.

Similar toQuaker 5W-30 engine oil, the Quaker State 0W-20 can also be used in both new and old vehicles.Not to forget, over the years it has obtained approval from several international standards such as API SP-Resource Conserving, API SN Plus, ILSAC GF 6a, GM Dexos 1 Gen 2 and many more.

We also loved the user-friendly design of the bottle, which made the pouring function a lot easier. So there is no fear of spilling the oil all over the engine.

Quaker State 0W-20 is suitable for short drives. So, if you want engine oil that will perform well on long rides, you should look elsewhere. Furthermore, it doesn’t qualify for the European ACEA specification, so it isn’t suitable for European vehicles.

Having said that, we believe that this full synthetic engine oil seems to be a product that is worth investing in with so many benefits tied to it.


Conclusion –

We sincerely hope that with all the information given above, all your qualms related to the brand are gone.After all, with a successful long history to back it up, Quaker State has made an undeniable impact on the motor industry. It has a wide range of products that are easily accessible all over the world.

You can easily choose one that will suit your vehicle and engine. Don’t worry about the model and type, Quaker State engine oils work well with almost everything.

With so many industry approvals in hand, it’s making its way to the top. Thus, next time your vehicle requires a solid, reliable product, choose Quaker State.