Fluid Film vs Krown – Which is Better To Prevent Rusting?

An ominous brown spot on your car. Some small blisters in your paint.

These alarming signs signify the inevitable arrival of rust in your car. Without any delay, you need to start looking for the best brands that are providing top-notch rust protection products and services.

To simplify your search before it even begins, we are going to give you a detailed comparison between Fluid Film Vs Krown, which is making a name for themselves in the market. Starting with the differences amongst them, we can say that, Fluid Film is pure lanolin-based while Krown is formulated with petroleum.

Also, as compared to Fluid Film, Krown does not deliver a ‘no drip’ performance. However, there are some similarities between Fluid Film Vs Krown undercoating too, like both of them are 100% waterproof.

Similarly, both can be done at home with little knowledge, in case you don’t want to spend money on the service. If you want to know more, read the article till the end.

But before that, take a look at the comparison table between Fluid Film Vs Krown Rustproofing.


Fluid FilmKrown
Suitable SurfaceMetal and leatherOnly metal
LongevityOne yearOne year
Available on Amazon Available on Amazon


Differences and Similarities between Fluid Film Vs Krown undercoating-

When it comes to popularity, both the brands are neck to neck, yet there are certain differences and similarities they share that will help you choose the best one out of them.


Difference between Fluid Film Vs Krown

Warranty: On the one hand, Krown provides a credible warranty policy for both new and used vehicles.On the other hand, Fluid Film doesn’t provide a warranty in any case.

Formulation properties-Fluid Film is composed of lanolin, which is derived from sheep. On the contrary, Krown is made up of petroleum compounds.


Similarities between Fluid Film vs Krown:

Environmentally Friendly-Both Fluid Film and Krown are free of any harmful toxins or solvents and are not flammable at all.

Waterproof– Fluid Film and Krown are extremely water-resistant. Therefore, even if your car undergoes a thorough car wash service, both will stay as it is.


Products We Recommend:-

Fluid Film Rust and Corrosion Protection

Fluid Film Rust & Corrosion Protection is one of the most efficient products by Eureka Chemical Company. It is suitable for both private and commercial industries.

The characteristic that impressed us the most is its excellent creeping effect, which helps the oil penetrate into the deepest layer of rusty areas. Also, its chemical properties are so advanced that it wouldn’t dry, break, or freeze once applied.

Even though it isn’t a rust remover, we approve of its capability to inhibit rust from arising. Not only that, but it also hampers the progress of the existing hardened corrosion, even in tiny parts like nuts, bolts, shafts, etc.

Do you know what else makes Fluid Film Rust and Corrosion Protection stand out? It’s a fact that it is utilized in vehicles that are used in both marine and air operations.

Just to make it clear, this oil has certain side effects too. For instance, its smell is off-putting.

Also, it is to be noted that this product is based on lanolin, which is a wool wax. Hence, anyone who is allergic to wool should avoid it at any cost.

Another downside of this particular undercoating is that the spray cans are not as good as the oil itself. Many consumers have complained about the defective nozzle of the cans, which made the application a bit annoying and tiring.

Despite these shortcomings, Fluid Film Rust & Corrosion Protection is one of the most affordable undercoatings.


  • It is water-repellent and protects the metal surfaces from excessive moisture.
  • It doesn’t cause damage to any of the rubber or plastic-based parts in your vehicle.


  • The product doesn’t have any warranty.
  • It is not biodegradable.

Available on Amazon



Krown Rust Control & Lubricant  

Krown Rust Control & Lubricant is another rust-proofing product that has been gaining a lot of popularity past few years. It can be used in a variety of vehicles and machinery in both personal and industrial areas.

Thanks to its high opacity and creeping properties, the application process will be simple even if the rust is deeply rooted. Not to forget, we were also able to stop the fast accumulating rust on our vehicle with one application.

Another trait that caught our attention is that it didn’t come off even after the full rainy season because the product is highly water-resistant. The petroleum film won’t tear and crumple under any given temperature.

But you have to keep a few things in mind before you choose this product. The first is that it can unnaturally expand the rubber items in your vehicle.

Pro-tip:– Cover up the areas that have rubber like weather stripping, bumpers, bushes, etc. with a plastic foil sheet before spraying the oil. Even after this, if some of it reaches the parts, coat them with silicone to avoid harm.

We also noticed that oil dripped after the application, which made a bit of a mess. Other than that, it qualifies as a good rust-proofing product.


  • It comes with a great warranty for different types of vehicles.
  • There is no risk of skin allergy.
  • Easy to use aerosol spray cans.


  • It lacks versatility, which means it cannot be used on surfaces other than metal.

Available on Amazon


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Crucial FAQs You Can’t Miss:-


Does Fluid Film stop existing rust?

Yes, it does. Fluid Film acts as a repellent& effectively break the growth of existing rust rapidly. It locks in the moisture and oxygen so that it doesn’t reach the metal no matter how deep it is situated.


Can you brush on Fluid Film?

No, you should not paint on the Fluid Film. The reason behind this is that it is a lanolin-based product that leaves a moist layer on the metal surface of your vehicle to protect it from corrosion.

The airflow from the sprayers used in the painting may cause silicone contamination if used on top of the wet Fluid Film. So if you want to paint your car, you have to remove the Fluid Film first.


Can Fluid Film be applied in cold weather?

Yes, you can apply Fluid Film in cold weather. But make sure you apply it on a dry surface.

Pro-tip- If any problem occur, you can warm it up before applying until it reaches room temperature on a wax melter to soften its consistency.


Does Fluid Film ruin rubber?

No, it does not. Fluid Film does not wreak rubber or plastic. But you have to be a little cautious about the natural rubber that was used in older cars. Based on the manufacturer’s claim, it may expand the natural rubber.


Does Krown rust proofing damage rubber?

Yes, as Krown products are petroleum-based, it can ruin the rubber, especially the weather stripping around the doors and windows. Therefore, Krown uses silicone on the rubber before the application. But it may not be of any use, so we would advise you to avoid using it on rubber.

To avoid any complication regarding this, you can try the pro tip mentioned below.


Does Krown rust proofing wash off?

No, it does not. Krown is an effective rust-proof that won’t come off with the mere use of soap and water. You just have to keep it dry for 3-4 days post-application. After this, there is no more worry.



While choosing the best product to prevent rust in your vehicle, it is always better to do a thorough comparison of the best products out there. In between Krown rustproofing Vs Fluid Film, Fluid Film takes a slight lead.

The chemical properties of lanolin in Fluid Film are better for rust prevention and overall protection of the metal.

Fluid Film’s products and services are widely available. On the other hand, Krown, and its services are limited to the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Most importantly, Fluid Film is best for people who prefer a ‘no drip’ undercoating. Also, unlike Fluid Film, Krown leaves adverse effects on the rubber and plastic.

But this doesn’t mean, Krown is not efficient enough to do the job of rustproofing. Krown products are ideal for people who want their products backed up with a generous warranty. Lastly, its products are also safe to use as they are biodegradable, unlike Fluid Film.