Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma With Pro Tips

Toyota Tacoma has been very popular among truck lovers all over the world because of its outstanding performance. But to increase its longevity, it is very important to upgrade it with a stylish tonneau cover with impeccable features.

There are numerous best bed covers for Toyota Tacoma available in the automobile industry for you to choose from. However, choosing the best tonneau cover for Tacoma is not a piece of cake.

But don’t fret, we are here to help you with this complicated task. Here, in this article, we have given a brief description of various types of tonneau covers. Also, we will take you through some of the best tonneau cover Tacoma that will fit your truck bed like a glove. Without any further ado, let’s begin with the article.

Below is the table for you to find quickly what you are looking for:-

BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau coverBAKFlip FiberMax (Best Waterproof Tonneau Cover)Available on Amazon
RetraxPRO MXRetrax Pro MX(Best Retractable Tonneau Cover)Available on Amazon
TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll UpTruXedo TruXport(Best Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover)Available on Amazon


1. Best Waterproof Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma-

BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau cover

If you aim to protect your truck bed from heavy rainfall and snow, we would like you to check out the BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau cover. BAKFlip has taken all the necessary measures to make it the best waterproof tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma.

BAKFlip has applied fiberglass-reinforced polymer on the upper surface of the cover. FRP is known to be the most valuable material when it comes to providing security against water. We absolutely love the fact that the edges of the cover are enveloped in an EDMP rubber seal that has the potential to defend our cargo against the heavy downpour.

Pro-tip- Make sure you double-check that the weather seal on the rear panel overlaps the tailgate, otherwise you will face the leakage issue.

The low-profile flush-fit design of FiberMax won’t leave any room for the moisture to seep in. But in case the water does find its way into the truck, the drainage system equipped in the side rails combined with the drain tubes ensures that no water stays trapped inside the truck.

Another reason why we love this cover is that besides the FRP on the top surface, BAKFlip has covered the lower layer in heavy-duty aluminum. So you can imagine the kind of impact these two sturdy materials can handle. You can sleep peacefully knowing that breaking into this cover would not be child’s play.

The no-drill installation process is pretty straightforward. You can do it alone with the help of a socket and a wrench in about 30-40mins. You can take the help of the manual guide and YouTube videos before starting the process.

Besides, it provides both partial and full-bed access. Therefore, you can use your bed cover according to your need. To conclude, the cover has a 3-year warranty and each & every part of this cover is made in the USA, which makes it a reliable product.

Available on Amazon



2. Best Retractable Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma-

RetraxPRO MX

Used in different parts of America, RetraxPro MX is simply the best retractable cover for Toyota Tacoma. You will admire its black matte finishing as much as we did, as it adds an aesthetic appeal to the truck.

Designed with solid aluminum slats, RetraxPro MX can withstand many years of harsh abuse. It can hold up to 500 pounds of weight but only if it’s evenly distributed, which means more space to load extra cargo. Unlike other hard shell covers, you can even manage to stand on it without much worry.

Something else we like about this all-aluminum cover is that it is resistant to vibration and scratches. The key lock mechanism adds extra security against any forceful entry. With the help of the key lock, you can easily latch the cover in various positions.

Also, the weatherproof sealing ensures its water-tight performance. But for rare leakage issues, drain tubes are available that are inserted inside the truck to flush out the water. The strong aluminum frame can handle humidity as well as heavy snowfall.

The compact canister is about 11 inches long that stays hidden under the cover and ensures maximum bed access. Added to this, the solo sheet of the cover has a sealed ball-bearing system that never freezes and gives you assured smooth functioning.

Coming to its installation, the cover has a clamp-on design that doesn’t require any drilling. But the instruction guide might be a bit complicated for some.

We advise you to take a helping hand and go through some of the YouTube videos for clarity. Note- It won’t be a cakewalk, so you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time.

Just like any other high-profile cover, Retrax Pro MX also has a lifetime warranty. Thus, you can spend extra cash without feeling guilty.

Available on Amazon


3. Best Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma-

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up

TruXedo TruXport is the best soft roll-up tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma if you are looking for a cover that has a hassle-free mechanism. The soft roll-up covers from TruXedo are known to be the simplest when it comes to functioning. You can effortlessly operate TruXport with a single hand without worrying about holding any weight while opening and closing the cover.

Though the cover is UV protected, you must remember that it can sag at extremely high temperatures. But with the help of a pre-set tension adjuster, you can tighten it back to its original form. Other than that, it can adapt to different weather conditions easily.

One thing we loved most about this soft roll-up cover is its leather-grain black vinyl material, which is breathable and does not let moisture seep in. Moreover, TruXedo has cleverly constructed the top mount system, which enables the cover to sit half an inch above the truck bed.

For even better watertight performance, there are four rubber foam pads available in the package. In the manual guide, you won’t find any instructions related to the foaming pads. But don’t think they aren’t important.

Pro-tip– Each foam pad goes to each corner of the cover. If you neglect to place even one of those pads, it will only result in leakage, and then you will have to redo the whole installation process.

Another feature that got our attention is the automatic double-locking system that we can easily access from both sides of the truck. This definitely makes it more convenient to use.

To continue with its convenience aspect, the cover provides full-bed access to haul extra items in your truck bed. Also, the no drilling installation procedure won’t take more than one hour to complete. TruXedo TruXport is supported with a 5-year warranty which is definitely a plus.

Available on Amazon

4. Best Tonneau Cover For 2nd Generation Tacoma-

Rugged Liner E-Series soft tri-fold cover

Another affordable tonneau cover that can be the best tonneau cover for 2nd generation Tacoma is the Rugged Liner E-Series soft tri-fold cover. No matter the low cost, it has all the essential features that cover the basic needs of a truck owner.

We are impressed by the super-easy installation technique. You will be surprised to know that it took hardly 10 mins to install the complete cover. There is no requirement for drilling and no need to keep maneuvering the bolts and clamps.

Also, worth mentioning is its driving position. You can drive with it only in two positions, i.e., half open or fully closed. Sadly, with this cover, you won’t be able to access the full bed. You can only access two-thirds of the bed.

Besides, the heavy-grade vinyl on both upper and lower surfaces is something that will make your life easy. Vinyl is recognized as a scratch, water, and dust resistant fabric, which itself speaks for the durability of the cover.

Added to being immune to many external factors, the rugged liner also has the advantage of being lightweight. You will be pleased to hear that everything from installation to functioning is a one-man operation with this soft-folding tonneau cover.

Moreover, it has a dual latching mechanism that enables you to open and shut the cover with ease. But, we would also like to point out that the rear clips aren’t locking the way they should be. They keep sticking out and are bothersome at times.

Let us come back to more brownie points. The cover has flexible Q-shaped weatherproof rubber seals covering the edges of the cover to provide extra protection against water.

Not only this, there is a dust seal in this cover that is not usually available in other truck bed covers for Toyota Tacoma. This seal overlaps the tailgate and prevents dust from entering the cab. All in all, this cover has a lot to offer with so many amazing features.

Available on Amazon


How To Install Tonneau Cover on Toyota Tacoma


Types Of Tonneau Covers For Toyota Tacoma-


1. Retractable Tonneau Cover-

retractable_tonnea cover

Tonneau covers that are operated by sliding the cover in and out, horizontally, into the cab of the truck are referred to as retractable tonneau covers. They are generally divided into two categories, i.e., soft retractable covers, and hard retractable covers.

The only noteworthy difference between the two is the material used in them. While the hard retractable covers are made of materials like aluminum or polycarbonate, the soft retractable covers are made of vinyl material.

Other than that, both the covers are identical in terms of working mechanism, installation process, and price range. Some retractable covers offer an automatic remote control which makes them easier to operate as compared to the other type of tonneau covers.


2. Folding Tonneau Covers-

folding tonneau cover

The most popular tonneau covers are the folding tonneau covers that you can use simply by folding and unfolding them on your truck bed. They are available in tri and quad-fold panels and, similar to the retractable covers, they are also parted into the category of softcovers and hardcovers.

Soft folding covers made of vinyl are lightweight, easier to install, and more affordable than hardcovers. But the hard folding tonneau covers are more durable and secure than the soft folding covers because of their heavy-duty fabrics like fiberglass, aluminum, and ABC plastic.


3. Rolling Tonneau Covers-

Roll-up or Rolling tonneau covers

Rolling covers also known as roll-up covers are those versatile covers that do not have any rail or panel system. That is why the functioning of these covers is comparatively smooth. To open and close the cover, you just have to roll over the cover from the bulkhead of the cab to the tailgate and vice-versa.

Just like every other type, roll-up tonneau covers also have two separate classifications. These classifications are called soft rolling covers and hard rolling covers. But unlike other types of tonneau covers, in rolling covers, the category of soft covers is more widely used than hardcovers.

Soft rolling covers are simpler to use, install and maintain as they have the advantage of vinyl and canvas fabrics which make them completely lightweight. On the other hand, rugged hard rolling covers take a lot more effort to operate and manage than soft rolling covers.


4. Hinged Tonneau Covers-

Hinged Tonneau Covers

Hinged tonneau covers consist of a single solid panel and can only be opened in a vertical direction. One feature of the hinged tonneau cover that makes it stand out from other types of tonneau covers is that you can paint it to blend it with your truck’s color and tone.

The one-piece panel of the hinged tonneau cover is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is beneficial because there will be no trouble dealing with varied panels, no issue of connecting several rails for installation, and no stress of dents and leakage because of the heavy-duty material.

But it can be a hindrance too as it doesn’t give full access to the truck bed. Moreover, they are heavyweight, so to open them, you will have to make a lot of effort.



To conclude, a tonneau cover is a must-have accessory for your truck bed. Amongst so many types of the best tonneau cover Tacoma available, you can choose whatever suits your need.

A hard tonneau cover of any sort should be your priority if you want maximum protection against theft and leakage(not 100%). But if you are looking for a bed cover for Toyota Tacoma that is more budget-friendly, then pick up a soft tonneau cover.

We can only hope that our honest reviews on the best tonneau cover in Tacoma will help you to select the best one for yourself.