Valvoline vs Castrol – 3 Crucial Diff. You Can’t Ignore

Valvoline vs Castrol

As modern engines are becoming more advanced and compact, modern engine oils are also becoming more advanced and efficient. Engine oil makers are not just extracting oil for engine lubrication, they are actually engineering the engine oil in laboratories to eliminate any inefficiencies. There are many big engine oil players in the market. The two … Read more

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Valvoline vs Mobil 1 | Which One is Better For Your Car

For a comfortable driving experience, no matter how long or short, it is important to select good engine oil for your vehicle. But because of the abundance of oil manufacturers in the market, choosing the right kind of motor oil is not an easy task. Every oil brand is trying to outdo the others by … Read more

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LS3 vs LS7 : Detailed Comparison & Crucial F.A.Q’s

When I first moved to the US, I was ecstatic and wanted to build an American-built car with a V8 (obviously). As one would know that the American V8s have a totally different character than the German V8s. The American V8s are all about horsepower and straight-line brutal acceleration that is why people are crazy … Read more

5w30 vs 10w30 | Crucial Differences + Imp. FAQs

  The primary role of engine oil has been lubrication and it has not changed, but what has changed are the different types and grades of engine oils available in the market. The major difference between 5w30 and 10w30 is the viscosity in freezing temperatures. The more ‘fluid’ nature of 5w30 at a lower temperature … Read more

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Engine Oil vs Transmission Oil | Can They Be Used Interchangeably?

Yes, they belong to the same clan of lubricants. Wait, does that make you assume that they perform the same functions? Well, the answer to this question is a big NO! There is a distinction between engine oils and transmission oils. And, that too a significant one. Actually, more than one! Both engine oil and … Read more

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5w30 vs 5w40 | Complete Difference With Facts

Whether you get your motor oil from the garage or incline toward doing it yourself – It is essential to get the right motor oil for your vehicle’s engine. Motor oil greases up the vehicle’s engine to keep it working without a hitch. It covers the parts and safeguards them from wear and tear while … Read more

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Which engine component stores oil for lubrication?

The engine oil is stored in a pan known as the sump which is generally located in the bottom of the engine. This is where around four to eight quarts of the engine oil is stored. While most cars have a wet sump, some cars also have dry sumps. A wet sump is basically where … Read more

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Can you put 5w30 in a 5w20 engine?

The engine is the most vital component in any vehicle and the right engine oil plays a very important role in ensuring the longevity and durability of the engine. Engine oils come is various viscosities and each engine is usually built for an engine oil of specific viscosity. So, the comparison today is between two … Read more

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Can you put 10w30 in a 5w20 engine? Only Facts!

The primary purpose of the engine oil is to improve the lubrication between the different metal components in order to reduce the friction. 10w30 and 5w20 are two of the most commonly used grades of engine oils that represent two different ranges of viscosity. However, the question of the hour is whether you can put … Read more

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Does Gasoline Freeze in Your Car? Explained with Facts!

If you live in a cold climate where the temperatures fall frequently, you may be concerned if gasoline freezes in extreme cold. Moreover, it is not uncommon to hear of tales of gasoline freeze in the fuel lines in cases of extreme cold. That brings us to the pertinent question, does gasoline freeze? Well, gasoline … Read more

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