Kirkland Synthetic Oil VS Mobil 1: The Ultimate Showdown of Engine Oils

Engine Oil plays a vital role in the lifespan and performance of your vehicle’s engine. Selecting the right engine oil is necessary to maintain good engine health. There are plenty of engine oil available in the market but the two prominent competitors are Kirkland Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1. This article will give you detailed information about their characteristics, and differences along with that we will give you the best suggestions to choose the best engine oil for your vehicle.


FeaturesKirkland Synthetic OilMobil 1
ViscosityLow- HighLow - High
Suitable EnginesMajority of Gasoline Powered EnginesMajority of Gasoline Powered Engines
Suitable ModelsHigh Mileage, high performance carsHigh Mileage, high performance cars
Fuel EconomyGoodGood
Exposure to High TemperatureGoodExceptional
TechnologyNo data availableCutting Edge Technology from ExxonMobil
Value For Money10-Sep10-Jul


Differences and Similarities between Kirkland Synthetic vs Mobil 1


Crucial Differences


Exposure to High Temperatures:

The Kirkland Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1 both perform nicely in all weather conditions. But Mobil 1 is specially designed to work in extreme temperatures which makes it perform even better than Kirkland Synthetic Oil. The Mobil 1 comes in a higher price range than the Kirkland Synthetic Oil but with the price, it comes with features.



Modern technology promotes engine efficiency and cleanliness. Where Mobil 1 is backed by a rich heritage, extensive research and development. On the contrary, it is hard to witness the use of higher technology or deep research for Kirkland Synthetic Oil. There is no data about the manufacturer of Kirkland Synthetic Oil which makes it difficult to understand the technology used behind it.



Mobil 1 is known for its longevity. It takes quite a long interval to get changed. The longer the engine oil serves is more economical for the customer. Though the oil should maintain good engine health as well and Mobil 1 exactly does that. It serves for a long time and does not damage the engine. On the contrary, even though Kirkland Synthetic Oil serves a long period but lesser than Mobil 1. Mobil 1 comes with higher longevity.





Both the oils come in premium quality which makes it a reliable one. Even know the manufacturers of Kirkland Synthetic Oil but the quality of the oil speaks for it. Both oils are reliable. It maintains good health for your vehicle engine and it serves for a long time. Now you decide to choose one from them. The Mobil 1 comes with a premium price and additional features whereas the Kirkland Synthetic Oil is more affordable.


Suitable Engines and Models:

In the race of Kirkland Synthetic Oil vs Mobil 1, both of them give tough competition. Both oils are compatible with majority of the gasoline-powered engines. Most SUV users prefer this oil, but it also can be used in other cars and heavy-duty vehicles such as mini trucks and logistical vehicles. To get a clear idea about the oil and whether it is suitable for your vehicle or not you can consult with an expert or the showroom from you got the vehicle. These two oils are famous for being suitable for the majority of engine types and vehicle models.


Fuel Economy:

Both oils make the engine fuel efficient. As it serves a long period maintaining good engine health it adds to the fuel economy. Both oils are designed to reduce engine friction which eventually promotes fuel economy. A smaller difference can help in long-term savings. When your engine is healthy it will automatically use lesser oil to function and the overall fuel expense of the vehicle will come down. Summing it up both these oil helps you maintain a healthy fuel economy reducing the expense of fuel.




In the market, there is a wide range of viscosity of this oil that includes 0W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30. We suggest you consult with your car’s owner’s manual or an expert to know about the required viscosity for best performance. Both oils offer different viscosity grades which are suitable for plenty of gasoline-powered vehicles. An expert or the seller can help you understand the importance and use of the viscosity ratings.


Types of Engine Oil:

Both the Kirkland Synthetic oil and Mobil 1 are synthetic oil used for vehicle engines. In simple words, these are synthetic engine oil that comes in premium quality and delivers high performance.


Brand Recognition: 

There is no question about the brand recognition of Mobil 1. It has been present in the market for a quite long time. Mobil 1 being a veteran player serves higher than modern engineered oils. It is continuing its higher brand recognition with its product. Even though Kirkland Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a good product but does not have the level of brand recognition as the Mobil 1.


Price and Availability: 

Mobil 1 is a premium product at premium prices all over the world. On the contrary Kirkland Synthetic Oil is a premium product at an affordable price and is only available in Costco Stores. The distribution of Kirkland Synthetic Oil is limited so is its availability.


Oil Formulation: 

Mobil 1 is made by ExxonMobil a reputed oil manufacturer. It is backed by years of research and the use of higher technology resulting in a premium product. Kirkland Synthetic Oil claims to be a premium product and performs well but does not disclose any data to back the claim. The formulation of Mobil 1 is high-tech and proven as well whereas the formulation of Kirkland Synthetic Oil is yet not known correctly.


Variety of Products: 

Mobil 1 offers a huge range of oils with different viscosity and formulations tailored to the vehicle’s needs. Whereas Kirkland Synthetic Oil comes in fewer options than Mobil 1.


Specifications and Approvals: 

Mobil 1 comes with various OEM approvals and certifications of the industry but Kirkland Synthetic Oil does not come with any such verified approvals. There is still a grey area in their data about the formulations, and approvals from the industry.


Some Important Differences and FAQs:-


1) Who makes Kirkland Full Synthetic Oil?

Costo is the seller of Kirkland Full Synthetic Oil but they have not revealed the manufacturer of it. Even though it is a premium engine oil the manufacturer is not yet know.

2) Who makes Mobil 1 oil?

ExxonMobil manufactures the Mobil 1 oil. ExxonMobil is one of the biggest oil manufacturing companies which has a global market. ExxonMobil is famous for its research and innovation which has created a greater impact on the market. They produce high-performance synthetic oil such as Mobil 1. This company has made a revolution in the oil sector creating a history. More than the product they have a higher popularity over brand name and value. Auto geeks and specialists love this brand.

3) Does the Brand of Engine Oil Matter? 

When it comes to such an integral product for your vehicle the brand name matters. You will get to know about the research they have done, the manufacturer, and the technology used for creating the oil. The engine is one of the most important parts of a vehicle and using good oil is necessary. Brand name assures the quality which other privately labeled products might not offer.

4) Can you mix Kirkland Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1? 

Though it is not suggested to mix the two oils but in case of emergency you can opt for it. It is unlikely to react adversely. To maintain good engine health it is suggested to stick to one brand. This practice ensures constant good performance. If you ever have to mix the two oil then try to change the oil as soon as you are out of the emergency.



Kirkland Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1 are two great competitors who have many things in common but there are differences as well. In this article, we have discussed every aspect of both oils to give a fair chance to each of them. The comparison will help you decide on the oil that meets your requirement