FCS Struts vs Monroe | Who Won The Race

Engineers had just mastered the art of engineering IC Engines when they encountered a major problem in vehicles. They realized the vehicles’ stability and handling had to be improved as the vehicles were hefty. Thereafter came the invention of the suspension system which improved the handling and stability of the vehicles drastically.

The vehicles use either shock absorbers or struts. Shock absorbers provide stability and absorb bumps so that the vehicles remain stable. Also, it helps in eliminating dive, squat, and body roll. Struts, on the other hand, provide structural support to the vehicles’ suspensions along with providing stability and absorbing bumps. Struts also replace the upper control arm and upper ball joint and hence reduce the number of mechanical components as compared to a conventional suspension system.

Therefore, struts are widely used in modern-day vehicles. When it comes to struts, people generally get confused as to which struts, they should prefer among FCS and Monroe. Let us discuss in detail the FCS and Monroe struts so we can figure out which struts suit our needs the best.

The major difference between FCS struts and Monroe struts is in the temperature conditions in which these struts are operated. The limitation of FCS struts is that it is suitable only for warm temperature conditions whereas Monroe Struts have the upper hand in this regard as they can be used in varied temperature conditions. Also, the availability of Monroe struts is better as compared to FCS struts so their maintenance and repair would be that much easier and fuss-free. Both the brands have good credibility in the market and can be considered relatively old players in the auto parts market.


FCS StrutsMonroe Struts
DesignSimple and robust OEM standardSimple and robust OEM standard
InstallationPreassembled and ready for quick installationPreassembled and ready for quick installation
Handling & StabilityHighHigh
Optimum temperature conditionsWarmWarm to Cold


Differences and Similarities between Monroe and FCS Struts-

The comparison between Monroe and FCS is legit as the performance, overall build, and quality of both the brands are on par or even better than industry standards. Therefore, it boils down to other intricate details and personal needs as to which of the two brands, you should prefer.

Let us carefully examine the differences and similarities between Monroe and FCS Struts.



  • Operating Temperatures: This is the most important difference between Monroe and FCS struts. Monroe struts are capable of performing under any type of temperature conditions whereas FCS struts are capable of performing only under warm temperature conditions. This exposes the limitation of FCS struts as one would like to have a strut assembly that can operate under varied temperature conditions.


  • Availability: Monroe struts are available easily in the market and you can choose between many of the types of struts in Monroe’s catalog. FCS has a limited number of online and offline outlets which restricts its visibility and hence customers are not much aware of FCS struts. Better availability of Monroe also means that the maintenance, service, and repair of these struts are easier.


  • Cost: Generally speaking, the initial cost of FCS struts is less than Monroe struts. Therefore, although they are not that easily available, they are affordable as compared to Monroe struts. Since Monroe struts come with all-weather fluid so as to operate efficiently at varied temperature conditions, they cost a bit more initially.

Disclaimer- The cost is true at the time of publishing the article and it may change in the future.




  • Design: Monroe and FCS Struts are designed to replace the components used in conventional suspension systems in order to make a simpler and cost-efficient suspension. They are powder-coated to protect the assembly inside-out. Powder-coating protects the strut components from corrosion and maintains the rigidity of the struts. They are ready to install units for a hassle-free experience. Both struts meet or exceed the industry standards.


  • Performance: In warm conditions, both Monroe and FCS struts perform well just like OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). You can expect increased driving performance including the handling and stability of the vehicle after installing any of the two struts. The Bump absorption and smooth contact with the road get a few notches higher and you can instantly feel the difference after installing any of these strut kits on your vehicle.


  • Reliability: Monroe and FCS have now been operating for a few decades and have acquired the trust of many people through their commitment to manufacturing high-standard auto parts and good customer service. Both use high-quality raw materials with anti-corrosion coatings so as to increase the longevity of the strut assembly. Also, due to the inherent nature of struts, it is a simpler suspension system with fewer mechanical components which is always good for the reliability and longevity of the product. Therefore, both Monroe and FCS can easily be relied upon.


  • Installation: Strut assembly can be complicated and difficult to install, however, both Monroe and FCS struts come preassembled and ready to install directly for a smooth installation process.



Some important FAQs:


Why are Monroe struts better than FCS struts?

Monroe struts are better than FCS struts because they are equipped with all-weather fluid which enables the Monroe struts to be used in all types of weather and temperature conditions whereas FCS struts are suitable for operation in warm temperature conditions only.


Why are FCS struts cheaper than Monroe struts?

FCS struts are manufactured by FCS Auto and you can purchase its products directly from the factory through its website which eliminates all middlemen hence FCS Auto is able to provide you with OEM quality Auto parts at an affordable price.


Are FCS auto struts any good?

Yes, FCS auto struts are well-renowned and used by many mechanics themselves. Over a period of time, FCS auto struts have shown good reliability, stability, and handling performance. So, it can be said without any second thoughts that FCS struts are one of the more reliable in the market.


Are FCS struts made in China?

FCS struts is a Michigan (US) based company but it also has a manufacturing unit in China. Apart from that, it has a manufacturing warehouse in Detroit, Michigan (US).


Who makes FCS struts?

FCS struts are manufactured by FCS Auto which is based out of Michigan (US). FCS Auto is known for providing OEM quality premium auto parts at an affordable rate.




The importance of strut assembly in modern-day vehicles is paramount and the customers are much aware of this fact which is the reason strut manufacturing companies such as Monroe and FCS Auto are having stiff competition among themselves. Although both Monroe and FCS are good companies for struts, Monroe has the upper hand when it comes to operation in cold weather conditions, as FCS struts are made to operate efficiently only in warm temperature conditions.

However, you are charged a premium by Monroe for the luxury of using Monroe struts in all weather conditions. One more important factor for considering Monroe struts is that it is more easily available in the market as compared to FCS struts. FCS struts, however, OEM performance at an affordable price. Basically, the facts are laid in front of you and you just have to set your priorities right. Go for either Monroe or FCS, you should not face any reliability and performance issues in your strut system.