Can you bring your own oil to Valvoline?

Valvoline is a widely recognized engine oil company and it is said to be one of the oldest engine oil makers in the world. Many people prefer Valvoline over other brands due to its unmatched reliability at affordable prices. Now, there may be some people who would change the engine oil themselves and that is totally fine if you don’t mind getting your hands a bit greasy and filthy. If you are of the sort who prefers experts doing the oil change job for you, this article could be very important for you.

The question that I get asked most frequently is whether one can bring one’s own oil to Valvoline instant oil change centers or other outlets instead of using their oil. The straight answer would be ‘Yes, you can’. If you ask them, they might insist on putting their own engine oil at first. But eventually, they would let you bring your own oil and even charge you that much less amount at the end.


Is it better to bring your own oil for an oil change?

I would say that it is better to bring your own oil for an oil change. This is because you would be able to use an oil of your choice and eliminate any ambiguity regarding the oil that the service personnel is putting in your vehicle.

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I had an experience regarding this once when I had extra engine oil lying in my garage but was a bit skeptical about changing the engine oil myself and I prefer leaving this job at the hands of an expert. I thought of calling Valvoline Customer care and enquiring about it myself. When I asked the guy who picked up the call about whether or not I could bring my own engine oil to Valvoline instant oil change center. The guy instantly said, ‘of course, you can’. He added that I could even bring my own oil filter if I wanted to. The best thing was that they would not charge anything over and above the service that I asked for.

I was happy to hear all of this and I took off my 69’ Camaro at once to my nearest Valvoline instant oil change centers. Firstly, the service personnel present there was a bit hesitant as he never had ever encountered such a case where a customer comes in with his own engine oil. He had a call with his supervisor and to my happiness, he agreed and changed the engine oil in my car. It was a quick service and I did not even come out of my car. I was charged only a reasonable sum of money. Overall, the experience was satisfactory and I was elated that I took the pains of calling customer care and taking my spare engine oil. Moreover, I got to use the oil that I preferred for my vehicle. All in all, it was a win-win situation for me.

Therefore, if you are of the type who leaves the oil changing duties in your cars to experts, and either you have spare engine oil in your garage or you would like to put any engine oil of your choice in your vehicle, Valvoline instant oil change centers might be the one-stop solution. It is recommended from us as the service personnel is professional and quick. Also, the service is affordable and you need not even get out of your vehicle.

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